Embrace Your Past And Treat Mistakes As An Opportunity To Change For The Better!

We may have made mistakes in our life, but instead of hiding from it, maybe it will help better to embrace your past and learn from it?


We may have made mistakes in our life, but instead of hiding from it, maybe it will help better to embrace your past and learn from it?

Have you ever felt embarrassed about any of your past act, any incident that didn’t look wrong at that point, but makes you feel awkward now when you think about it?

Well, I have many such incidents, and if ever I think about them I feel guilty, uncomfortable, and shameful. From bullying friends, feeling jealous, speaking lies, I have a big bagful of mistakes I have made. Well, I had always felt that right or wrong, I will learn from experience, but would never stop doing something just because I was told not to do that. The gush of young blood you know! But now when I look back, there are many things in life I want to erase, or maybe I want to redo them but in a better way.

Today, in the morning, like always, I visited my social media account, and there I found an inspiring speech by Ellen DeGeneres. That video is an answer to most of my queries.

The speech was about how the moment of revelation of her sexual preference on her successful show turned her life upside down. She was part of a show which was on-air for six years, and suddenly after that episode, the show went off-air without prior notice. She couldn’t get any offers for three years. But then her life changed for good; it was a Talk Show that was offered to her and since then, there was no looking back. What I felt even more inspiring was her positive attitude about the bad that had happened to her. She wasn’t looking guilty about anything in life, and there were no regrets, back then and even now.

One more side of Ellen’s personality that came into the picture was her conviction and self-belief. Ellen could have felt sorry or guilty about the sabotaged career, about herself for being gay; she could have taken things otherwise. Back then when she revealed her ‘big secret’, having an inclination toward the same sex wasn’t acceptable in America too. But, she fought against the society because for her faith in her instincts. She knew one thing – that no matter how society would judge her, she isn’t wrong. And only such people who are headstrong enough brings change in the culture; feeble minded are the henchmen.

Well, with her the purpose was right. But, we often commit some mistakes, and many years later when we look back, we feel guilty, regretful about them. We disown them with some petty excuse. Many times we don’t even have the audacity to accept them as ours.

Instead of wanting to undo past acts one must embrace them. They happened for a purpose. They not just gave you a hard jolt but taught you a lesson. As much as your achievements are yours, I think the faults are part of you too. Love them. They were the lesson-givers. Accomplishments often spoil you, but your mistakes throw you on to a right path. And it’s a law of nature that to break the inertia; some external force is always required.

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Those mistakes are the ugly external forces that changed your life for good.

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