Swati Bhatgain

A mother of a toddler. An accidental blogger, I have explored a writer in me of late. And I am glad there are platforms available on the internet that promotes and care about what an ordinary person think. I have performed many professional roles, of a techie, a lecturer, a social worker and a full-time homemaker (probably the most underrated but equally demanding). And writing blogs is my venting ground.

Voice of Swati Bhatgain

accident victims
Help Accident Victims Instead Of Just Being A Bystander. You Might Save A Precious Life!

Would you stop and help accident victims if you saw one on the road? Let's be more compassionate. Read on to hear a personal story.

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having a daughter
Why I Am Unhappy About Having A Daughter…. And It Isn’t What You Think!

Having a daughter should not be something to be consoled about. And a girl child should not have a disadvantage in the 21st century.

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taking selfies
Youngsters Addicted To Taking Selfies – Where Has That ‘Bachpan’ Gone?

Taking selfies and posting them on social media has almost become a dangerous religion today. Image conscious and vulnerable youngsters are most at risk.

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dad shaming
Why No Dad Shaming, When Everyone And Their Aunt Loves Mom Shaming?

Mom and dad are both responsible for a child. When women are mom shamed for any choice they might make, why no dad shaming? Unfair!

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knowledge about periods
What’s So Gross About It That Boys And Men Can’t Have Any Knowledge About Periods?

Awareness of menstruation suffers in the quest to shield boys and men from any real knowledge about periods (why do they need to be protected?!) in our society.

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embrace your past
Embrace Your Past And Treat Mistakes As An Opportunity To Change For The Better!

We may have made mistakes in our life, but instead of hiding from it, maybe it will help better to embrace your past and learn from it?

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objectification of women
The Objectification Of Women In Movies Has Horrifying Results. Stop It, People!

Movie makers need to wake up and check the objectification of women that is put in for pulling in crowds, which, then, go ahead with their version of it!

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