How Are Women Breaking Barriers This Women’s Day? #WomenOnTheMove

Posted: March 14, 2017

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How are women breaking barriers? Why celebrate women for a day and not everyday? We tried finding the answers with #WomenOnTheMove. 

International Women’s Day. A day that means different things to different people.

For some this day is just like any other day and the madness and brouhaha is just another marketing opportunity for brands to milk the cash cow. For others the celebrations are not only important but significant to remind women of their power and importance.

Although I think we should aim for equality everyday, yet believe that this day is a striking reminder to society that since ages women across the world have been and continue to be victims of violence, oppression and discrimination – politically, economically and socially.

It is time this changes. It is time women are treated as equals and given their fair share of respect and rights. Why? Because they are people and without them we would be nowhere.

Last week, we had our weekly #WomenOnTheMove chat over at Twitter, we discussed how women are celebrating this day, who are the women inspirations our readers look up to and why. This is what they said.

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A day of drawing inspiration, realisation & making promises to self

Some inspiration that keeps us going

Why do we need a special day?

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