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Fears Of A Woman [#Poetry]

Posted: March 27, 2017

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Women are often afraid. Afraid of being judged. Afraid of being labelled. Afraid of being in the wrong in relation to the man in their lives. Are these fears worth the pain?

‘Fears Of A Woman’ is a poem about all the fears that women have. The fear of not knowing how much is enough. The fear of upsetting people. The fear of loss. The fear of being seen as child-like and someone immature.

It is because of these fears that we sometimes limit ourselves. Through this poem, I want to send a message that these fears and worries and worthless. We need to break free from the shackles. We need to live life our way. Because each one of us has the potential to do what we want. We all have it in us.

This is my dedication to each one of us who always ponder about how much is good enough. I want us to know that for us good enough is not good at all – we want the maximum. All I want to say is, “you mad mad woman – stay mad. And go live. Fearlessly. Uproot your worries. Say good-bye to pleasing people. Find your mojo and live. Because you can do what you want to do.”

Fears Of A Woman

There is an immense amount of
love in me.
But I fear
that my excesses may bother you.

There is an enthusiasm to
live to the fullest.
But I fear
that my rage may burn you.

There is a go-getter in me
who is unstoppable.
But I fear
that my aggression may hit you.

There is a dreamer in me
who wants to be fearless.
But I fear
that my candour may bore you.

There is an innocence in me
which wants to grab all the fun of life.
But I fear
that my ‘immaturity’ may irk you.

There is a flame within
which never wants to die.
But I fear
that my warmth will never be felt by you.

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