A Lifetime For You [#Poetry]

Posted: February 6, 2017

This poem, A Lifetime For You, is dedicated to all women who nourish their relationships and children with love, care and all they have.

This poem is originally from Soul of a Woman, a poetry collection book.

To replenish a purpose
To rebirth our own soul
To recreate
We water ourselves
so we can bring
what we carry

To grant mothering
To nourish our own excerpt
To thrive
We share our sustenance
through umbilical cord
in order to serve
when you are born.

To bury the anguish
To rescue you from failure
So exquisite
We drown oneself into drench
for a love which is
far beyond any

We respect you for struggling.
We help you to fight for this life system.

Though what amazes us all;
We are fighting to protect our own life as well.

Though what surprises us all;
You are not capable enough to respect,
who makes your life worth living.

Though we are still admitting;
To comfort all your hurdles
To give formation to your life
To endure
We do a lot.

We do it all-
As a lead donor.
As a mother.
As a life partner.
As a wife.

More precisely-
As a woman.

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Ayushi Jain grew up in Delhi, India with more than just a passion for writing.

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