This World Disability Day, 10 Must Follow Twitter Handles That Are Educating The World

Disability awareness on twitter is an excellent way of educating people. Here are 10 such twitter handles doing this in India.

Disability awareness on twitter is an excellent way of educating people. Here are 10 such twitter handles doing this in India.

People with disabilities are often discriminated against because they are considered to be ‘different’ and not ‘normal’. Who is normal, anyway?  The truth is they are just like anyone. And we have to make sure that it remains that way to prevent any form of differential treatment towards them.

“No one is left behind”. This was one of the Post Millennium Sustainable Development agenda that the United Nations adopted in the General Assemblies for disabled people.

Disability awareness on social media has hugely influenced people’s perception about people with disability. They should be shown the same respect and it is our duty as citizens to ensure that they are also given the same opportunities to succeed in life.

There are various means to promote this awareness – it can be done through various media platforms (Facebook, twitter, Google etc.), incorporating awareness in education, on broadcast media like radio channels, television, etc.

Today is World Disability Day. Let us look at a few organisations and their work of spreading disability awareness on twitter in India.

Disability Rights Alliance


This is promoted by the Disability Rights Alliance (DRA) which is essentially a “coalition of individual stakeholders and independent, community based organisations and DPOs that advocate with and for people with any disability.”

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They work for improving the understanding of people so that they become aware, which will eventually lead to the reduction of discrimination against people with disabilities.

Association for People with Disability


Working with mainly children and the youth with disabilities, this Bangalore based organization, the Association for People with Disability, started off in the year 1959 with its aim to reach out and assimilate underprivileged people with disabilities. One of their aims is to ensure that they are accepted in the society without any form of discrimination.

Mobility India


Formed in the year 1994, Mobility India has put all of its efforts in the expansion of the disability, development and rehabilitation sector. They not only work with disabled people but also the elderly; mainly the underprivileged and disadvantaged people in society. Their main vision is to ensure that these groups of people have equal access to “education, health, livelihood and enjoy a good quality of life”.

The Challenging Ones


Apart from fighting as a soldier in the Kargil war and becoming India’s first amputee marathon runner, he also runs an NGO called The Challenging Ones. This organization is known more for proving inspiration to disabled people so that they don’t lose optimism in life and try to gain as much as possible.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity Centre


The Diversity and Equal Opportunity Centre is a “Consulting, Research and Training services to corporates, educational institutions, industry bodies, development organizations and the Government in creating an inclusive environment.” They include specialists and experts who work on the issue of disabilities in various policy documents so that these people get the necessary conveniences and they feel included.

Centre for Research and Policy on Disability


The Centre for Research and Policy on Disability is a Delhi based research centre that mainly focuses on disability rights and inclusion.

Aarth Astha


Their work is mainly occupied in urban slums and Villages in South Delhi. The interesting part of the work of Aarth Astha is that they “follow Community based Rehabilitation approach to work with people with disabilities.” They involve the families of the disabled people so that they are sensitized to the whole situation.

Sexuality & Disability


There are very few organizations that work with the sexuality of disabled people because they forget that they are sexual human beings. Sexuality & Disability aims at debunking the myths and misapprehension around the issue of sexuality of disabled people. It also involves creating awareness among people about this issue.

Sense International India


Sense International India aims at working with the hearing and visually impaired children and adults within India to ensure that appropriate amenities are provided to them. They partner with various NGOs and the Government to implement these services; such as the necessary attention and education for them.

Accessible India Campaign


The Accessible India Campaign launched by the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities is a campaign which is conducted nation-wide to achieve universal accessibility of persons with disabilities. By constructing an accessible surrounding and augmenting the accessibility to government buildings, their aim to ensure user-friendliness across India will lead to their empowerments

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