Side Effects Of Contraceptives Acceptable For Women, Why Not For Men? #WomenOnTheMove

The side effects of contraceptives that were acceptable for women suddenly become unacceptable for men. Is Science biased? #WomenOnTheMove.

The side effects of contraceptives that were acceptable for women suddenly become unacceptable for men. Is Science biased? #WomenOnTheMove.

The recent break through in the clinical trial of an injectable hormone contraceptive for men was a massive achievement for the scientists.

The results showed that this injectable hormone contraceptive was 96 percent more effective at preventing unwanted pregnancies than the birth control pills for women. The hormonal contraceptive lowered the sperm counts, thus proving more effective in curbing unwanted pregnancies.

But despite the promising results the trial was discontinued by an independent committee, because they found that the the risks to the study participants outweighed the potential benefits.

A closer look at the side effects

“Mood changes, depression, pain at the injection site, and increased libido.”

Do any of these sound familiar?

Scores of women, who have been taking birth control pills, since the 1950’s & 60’s, have been facing these (dubbed) ‘minor’ side effects and so much more. And yet, they were forced to take the pills and asked to deal with the side effects for the greater good i.e. avoid unwanted pregnancies.

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Why the abandonment of the trial not justified?

Whether there will be any side effects or not largely depends on individual health. Hence, a blanket ban on a break-through discovery in not justified.

Is Science biased? Yes it is. Infact for long Science has been treating women as cattle.


Women have been forced to shoulder the responsibility of avoiding an unwanted pregnancy alone. It’s high time for men to share the responsibility too.



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