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Is There Any ‘Good News’? Watch This Hilarious Mother-Daughter Video On An Annoying Topic

Posted: November 16, 2016

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‘Good news’ in India is synonymous with pregnancy.  The Blush channel recently posted a hilarious video which is a conversation in song between a South Indian mother and daughter where the mother asks the daughter, “Mole, (daughter) is there any good news?”

The daughter starts with ordinary day to day joys like a good hair day, unlocking new levels on Candy Crush, periods over and so on. A no-blues day is a good day and good news. The unsatisfied look on the mother’s face and the repeated question of “Is there any good news?” urges the daughter to pursue the subject.

She goes on to sharing her 1200 SAT scores, her great presentation, expectations of a promotion. A daughter who is happy to have learnt how to ‘Twerk’ is explaining her good day to her mother who gets excited about ‘Aravind Swamy with a cat’.  Generation gap very aptly put!

An unimpressed mother seemingly irritated at all the things with which her daughter responds as ‘good news’, asks her the same question “Is there any good news?” again.

The daughter tries sharing world-changing, hard-hitting achievements like saving a baby from a fire, NASA accepting her application, and finding a cure for cancer. Obviously those are not good news enough too.

It is a fun video to watch, and if possible with one’s parents. It might help with changing the age old perception that a woman’s worth is only related to what she pops out. Rather, she does not need to save the world to qualify for ‘not wanting to have any good news’.

A happy her is good news enough.

Image is a screen grab from the video

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