Delicious Food & No Gender Rules, With These #MenWhoCook

In the culinary world, chefs who attain celebrity status tend to be male yet cooking is a 'woman' thing. But #MenWhoCook are breaking gender stereotypes.

In the culinary world, chefs who attain celebrity status tend to be male; yet – cooking is a ‘woman’ thing. #MenWhoCook are a growing tribe though and breaking gender stereotypes.

‘Men are insensitive’, ‘Boys don’t cry’, ‘All women love shopping and gossiping’, ‘Women are bad drivers’, Women should know how to cook’, etc.

Does this sound familiar? Haven’t we grown up hearing these gender biased comments? There are some who find this silo mentality that places men and women into rigid gender roles – offensive, humiliating and insulting! And then there are ‘others’ who think that these comments are genuine differences between the sexes and that no one should take offence to this ‘rule of nature’.

It is rather disconcerting to see how even in the 21st century, our attitude towards who should do what at home, remains deeply entrenched in antiquity.

In our day long tweetathon, #MenWhoCook, we tried to break the stereotype that ‘Men Don’t Cook’ along with LiciousLicious has launched a line of delicious meats and seafood with desi marinades for all those who love cooking up a sumptuous meal for themselves or others. We asked our readers and followers to share their personal experiences and photos about/on #MenWhoCook, what they cook, why they cook etc.


Because the #MenWhoCook are breaking barriers!

#MenWhoCook – because cooking is a passion beyond gender

Cooking is ‘fun’ when done together with #MenWhoCook

#MenWhoCook use their creative skills too

Food pics from #MenWhoCook

Yes, we want #MenWhoCook in our lives!

And when #MenWhoCook becomes a norm, #MenWhoCook can cease to be a hashtag!

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