Why Would You Hand Me The Bill? [#Poem]

Posted: August 29, 2016

Women are always taken for granted, minimized, infantalized, deemed invisible in society. For, isn’t this still a man’s world?

Why would you hand me over the bill?
Am I capable of having money?

No, I am the girl who sits at home like she is supposed to…
No, which women has money at her control or even if she does,
which girl wants to spend money, she is just a gold digger…

Why would you take directions from me?
Am I capable of telling you where I want to go?

No, unless the man next to me gives directions of the routes to the home
I lived for 25 years I can’t really go home…
Why would women know the routes,
aren’t they just supposed to sit at home and never go out

Why would you recognise me at office?
Am I even worth being there?

No, I managed a job doesn’t mean I know ‘the office space’
or I understand shares, cars because you know it is just a guy thing- dealing with money
plus I am not serious about my job, I don’t understand the burden of financially supporting a family because mine is an additional income and I will anyway quit office once I am married or have a child!

Isn’t it easy to just ignore our existence……
Oh yes it is and you have been doing it everyday!

This is in the background of how a lot of us are ignored,
-in office spaces in important discussions & decisions
-when the man next to us gets the bill though we have a 50% share or sometimes even 100%
-when taxis or auto refuse to take directions from us rather wait for the man next to us direct

and many such…..Please share any such experience you had!

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