Ours Is A Struggle Yet To Be Won, Ladies! There Are Miles To Go Before We Sleep…

Urban privileged women might think they have it all, but there are countless women out there for whom every day is a struggle. Think.

Urban privileged women might think they have it all, but there are countless women out there for whom every day is a struggle. Think.

As an urban privileged working woman, I am thinking out loud and also calling out to all the women who fit this category, who sometimes are misled to believe our fight is over because we have a few choices that we can make.

We ‘empowered women’; as we would like to call ourselves, have on us an immense responsibility to make this world a better place for our kind. Be it travelling late or living alone, marrying the one we want or not marrying at all, choosing to work and driving ourselves, we surely have come a long way, but amongst this reality there is a bitter truth that there are so many of our kind out there, who can never ever imagine that there is a world without being invisible (i.e, those who have made it alive into this world).

This is to remind myself and all of us that what seems to be utterly obvious to some of us, maybe something as simple as being outside the house, has come after years and years of struggle by many women who believed it was their responsibility to act, fight and make things happen. Make them happen sometimes not for themselves, but with a hope that they will be passing down some freedom to the next generation of women who need not be as caged as them.

We are at a stage where we have a greater responsibility, this I say because unlike the times when we couldn’t be a part of the system to make a change, the struggles of these older generation women have gotten us a place in the system, however small it might be. It was because of them we have spaces to negotiate what we want and live the lives many only dream.

That is why it is now we must act more cautiously…we have on our shoulders an immense responsibility of framing a tomorrow for billions of women which is better than today. Where they can turn back and see that all the issues they ever faced were a thing in the past. It is what we decide to do now that will influence the direction of where we will be in the history of the world tomorrow.

Let’s write about each other, let’s stand by each other, let’s read about each other, let’s understand each other. Most importantly, let us not be misled to believe that we have no more battles to win because if we do so there might come a tomorrow where the little we can do today might be a thing of the past.

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