Women Need To Give Their Bodies Time & Nutrition, Says Dr Libby Weaver #Video

The juggling woman handles the pressures of modern life. But very often she struggles to cope. Dr Libby Weaver offers practical solutions.

The juggling woman handles the pressures of a modern life. But very often she struggles to cope up. Dr Libby Weaver offers practical solutions.

Striking a balance between home and work is one of the most challenging areas for almost every juggling woman today. There are some who balance it effortlessly with a proper support system in place. While there are others who fail to achieve this balance. For those women who are struggling to achieve balance, their health is affected enormously. And I am not speaking about physical health.  It’s also about our minds. Why are women struggling emotionally ? And how can women cope up emotionally?

Why are women struggling emotionally?

Dr Libby Weaver, a leading author and biochemist puts it most aptly, “When we live in this franctic pace, living on adrenaline, trying to be all things to all people, it could have dire physical, mental and emotional consequences.” Women are struggling to control their emotions, they feel exhausted and they feel that they can’t cope. They wish they had more hours in the day. They can’t remember anything.

Why is this happening?  It is because many women are made to believe that they aren’t enough the way they are. They are not smart enough, they are not brainy enough, and they are not efficient enough. Women spend their lives trying to please everyone surrounding them.

They do this not to feel rejected and also because they care enough for their loved ones. This happens because they have beautiful hearts. It’s time to change these beliefs. It’s time for women to stop thinking that way. They need to perceive themselves differently and realise their own potential.

Women need to find a true connection to themsleves and they need to find a place of calm, free from anxiety. They need to achieve this place in their lives. It would lead to healthy emotions and a healthy mind. This is crucial because emotions affect our health enormously. We perform better when we are emotionally healthy.

What else do we need to do?

According to Dr Libby, we need to provide nutrition to our bodies, so that it can perform the necessary mechanisms. This is only possible if we have enough time for ourselves. We need to stop rushing. It’s not advisable to please everyone at the cost of our health. We need to make time to nourish our own minds and bodies. “I want you to explore how we eat, drink, move, think, believe and perceive” she says.

She talks about these issues and offers practical solutions in this motivating video below. Watch!

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