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Women Leaders Who Inspire! [#TuesdayTalkies]

Although inspiration is important for each one of us, for women it goes a level up and becomes extremely critical to find women leaders who inspire. 

Although inspiration is important for each one of us, for women it goes a level up and becomes extremely critical to find women leaders who inspire. 

As the case generally is, men and women start their careers with the same level of intelligence, education, and commitment. Yet in today’s large organization, as women climb up the corporate ladder, few reach the top echelons. So why there is a formidable gender gap for senior-leadership positions?

One of the main reasons for this huge gender difference in the higher stratum is because women lack motivation within their fraternity. There are three fundamental ways to get people to do things: either they can be coerced, or motivated or inspired. There are few women in leadership positions who can inspire other women to follow them. The ability to inspire is very important, since it helps foster high levels of employee engagement and commitment.

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The question for this week was, “name one woman leader who inspires you the most & why?” Here are 3 best responses from our readers.

Resilient Women

Indira Gandhi, because though her family background may have propelled her into a politics privilege, it was only her grit and confidence with which she broke the ultimate glass ceiling in India. – Pooja Sharma Rao

Commanding Leadership In A Man’s World

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, founder of Biocon India. After her degree from MCC, she went on to study further in brewery. She became a Master Brewer and her journey into the man’s world of brewery is inspiring. – Deepa Arun

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Being Human

Sudha Murthy. She is well educated, well read, professional, humane, well grounded, philanthropic and a very humble person. It is very rare to find such a combination of all these qualities in a person. She was instrumental in shaping Infosys during its growing years. And she is such a committed social worker these days. – Subhashree Ravichandran

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