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Women Drive Rickshaws, A Super Initiative In Vadodara To Help Patients

Posted: May 18, 2016

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Women drive rickshaws in a hospital as a kind gesture to help patients in Gujarat. Read this story that will touch your heart. 

In Gujarat E-rickshaws (electric rickshaws), are being run by women in a hospital to transfer patients from one ward to another. It’s a great initiative by a Vadodara based self help organization. These E-rickshaws run on battery to prevent pollution.

Taking up unconventional roles to serve the sick

It is tiresome for patients who are suffering from complicated diseases to move around from one ward to another. And there are some patients who don’t even have help from family. In these circumstances these E-rickshaw women drivers can come to their rescue. These women are empowering themselves by learning to drive. By taking up unconventional jobs they are serving the sick and the society at large.

Isn’t it wonderful to have someone move you around in a hospital when you are sick? By empowering women in different ways, we are also serving communities. It’s a great step towards service and we hope these enthusiastic lady drivers will do a wonderful job in making this initiative successful.

See this video to know more.


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