10 Feminist Songs That Have Impacted Indian Women’s Lives

Take a quick look at these feminist songs that sing of empowerment and touch the heart in inexplicable ways.

Songs find an easy way to the heart! Take a quick look at these feminist songs that sing empowerment and touch the heart in inexplicable ways.

While some of these feminist songs aim to strengthen womanhood in general, others also try to pay tribute to inspiring women. Most of all, feminist songs talk about the shifting paradigm favouring women owing to their inherent calibre, struggle and will-power to succeed above their circumstances.

O Ri Chiraiya

The song was sung by Swanand Kirkire in Satyamev Jayate. He dedicated the song to womanhood. The video is a heart-wrenching one, depicting the drudgery of the struggles women endure on a daily basis. The lyrics are refreshing and express gratitude towards women for all they have done for their male counterparts. This particular song has contributed to the canon of feminist songs and had taken the mission far ahead!

Mann Ke Manjeere

Mann ke Manjeere, a popular feminist song sung by Shubha Mudgal was a breakthrough from overarching patriarchy. The video aims at strengthening women and making them realize the significance of their existence. Moreover, the song reiterates the fact that the soul-mate resides within.

Sapna Dekha Hai Maine

Sung again, by Shuba Mughdal, the song talks about the life of urchins and orphans doomed to poverty. Sapna symbolizes the dream of an orphan to live a worthy life.

It is a kind of revolt against the pre-mediated future as dictated by the laws of the world. But, the innocent eyes dare dream of a promising future and in an eventually transforming Indian scenario, perhaps these dreams would materialize.


Dhunki is one of its kind songs portraying a headstrong willed girl who prefers a care free life. Katrina acts as a rock star, stirring in millions the viral free spirit of existence. Adhering to the whims of the heart and fully submerging oneself in love is what the song professes.

Living life to the fullest is one amongst myriad interpretations of the song. An actress representing a carefree attitude towards life in some ways is a liberating act from the umpteen laws of patriarchal structure we reside in.

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O Gujariya

O Gujariya became one of the most popular songs owing to its fast pace blended with fantastic rhythm depicting a fast-paced life with the female protagonist, (Kangana Ranaut) taking away the show with her bold and beautiful performance. One feels inherently emancipated listening to the lyrics.

During the track one feels entranced to finally have embarked in an era of modernity where one does not need to do a role-play of a supposedly ‘good girl’.

Suno Meri Aawaaz

The song by Anandmurti Gurumaa is splendidly an empowering one. It depicts women outshining guys in every other field. Girls out winning guys form the basic theme of the song. The song rings a clarion, pronouncing an era where girls are competent enough to outwit boys.

Sung with a vision of girls with ambition, the song serves as a reminder to girls to rise higher than their dreams. Sky is the limit!


The one amongst plethora of feminist songs to hit across zillion hearts within moments when sung on one of the many shows of Satyamev Jayate is incredibly sung. All about women dignity, the song reiterates the primal fact that women are innately powerful and need not depend upon men for any need, be it physical or financial.

Moreover, the song proclaims that marriage is certainly not the end of life. Women must choose wisely, as they are the ones who can make or mar their life – because the times are indeed altering and favouring women on many fronts. So, realize the inherent ‘shakti’ in you and let it be known that nobody can mess with you!

Badal pe paon hain

This particular song is a celebration of women’s team victory in attaining an entry towards world hockey championship. Inherently powerful lyrics beautifully amalgamate with the theme to provide an exquisite experience to the viewers.

Women achievers are not rare to be spotted these days. So, is the song voicing the intricate feelings of a girl accomplishing her aim, rendering it an empowering tone! Worthy of much more, life of success has just begun!

Aan meri main tumko na chhune dungi

Powerful lyrics aptly emoted by Rani Mukherjee makes it one of the most empowering song of the decade. The rigid man-woman binary roles seem to be reversed, with women being at the centre of all the impactful activities.

The song proclaims loud and clear the penalty a guy could expect with if he messed around with a headstrong girl with thee will power to fight back any unwanted advances.

Mujhe padhna hai

Kamla Bhasin is one of the foremost Indian feminists grappling with the inflexible structures of the society. This particular song is simplistic in form and content, but its simplicity hits the mark of brilliance. The song aptly conveys the idea of the significance of education for girls, as it is the fundamental factor holding the reins to their future.

An all empowering song, it is marked by lucidity and clarity of purpose and goals yet to be achieved by girls. The benchmark has been set. All that is required is the effort by girls to rise beyond their immediate horizon!

Indian society is at the threshold of a new dawn with reinvigorated spirit and energy. Women are instrumental in the transformation of society. Media is indeed revisiting its paradigms and women are certainly regarded highly, and their empowerment is considered before airing any substantial video or movie. This trend is apparent in the way feminist songs have taken over Indian audiences.

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