3 Science Experiments For Kids That 6-8 Year Olds Will Find Irresistible!

Posted: May 6, 2016

With the advent of summer, it is time for parents to think up of exciting science experiments for kids that are easy, fun yet rewarding.

Let us have a quick glance at these 5 fun science experiments for kids that 6-8 year olds will find cool and are apt for their age too.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, we asked the teachers over at Merry Go Learn to share with us some of the best experiments for kids – experiments that kids at their classes love.

(Merry Go Learn offers scientific education for kids using a completely fun, hands-on, activity based approach to strengthening core concepts. With classes for students in Grades UKG – VIII, they supplement traditional education with ‘learning by doing’. If you are based in Bangalore, check out their useful programs.)

Here is their list of science experiments for kids, experiments that are creative and full of learning too.

Beautiful Lava Lamp

Let your kids create an ingenious lava lamp and understand density and solubility (oil & water don’t mix, heavier liquid floats on top). Follow these basic steps to ensure you don’t get baffled in the middle of the project.

What you’ll need:

500ml or 1l Plastic soda bottle, vegetable oil, food coloring, eno salt, water, vegetable oil


  1. Fill the bottle half of the way full with water
  2. Add about 10 drops of food coloring (or enough to make the solution appear fairly dark).
  3. Top it off with oil. Oil will float on top of water.
  4. Add a spoon of eno salt
  5. The lava effect should start as soon as eno salt gets in contact with water.
  6. Keep adding more eno salt to repeat the effects

Tip: Switch off the lights in the room and place a strong flashlight under the bottle for better effects

Mocktails with Maths

This science experiment for kids cum fun activity is good for your health too! Get your child to work out the quantities needed to make this drink for varying numbers of people, in the process, understanding fractions better.

What you’ll need:

4 tsp lemon juice for 8 glasses

5 cups crushed fresh black grapes for 10 glasses

10 tbsp strawberry crush for 16 glasses

2 cups crushed ice for 6 glasses


Mix the ingredients in definite proportions in accordance with the number of people it is being prepared for. Salt and honey can be added as per the taste.

Save the Super hero

This activity is about designing your own parachute and teaching your kid about air-resistance in the process! When an object falls, there are two forces that act on it, gravity that pulls the object down and air resistance, that acts in the opposite direction. This experiment teaches kids how the two forces interact.

What you’ll need:

A plastic bag or light material, Scissors, String, A to act as the weight, a little action figure would be perfect


  1. Cut out a large square from the plastic bag or material
  2. Trim the edges so it looks like an octagon (an eight sided shape)
  3. Cut a small whole near the edge of each side.
  4. Attach 8 pieces of string of the same length to each of the holes
  5. Tie the pieces of string to the object you are using as a weight.
  6. Use a chair or find a high spot to drop your parachute and test how well it worked.

Tip: Cutting a small hole in the middle of the parachute will allow air to slowly pass through it rather than spilling out over one side, this should help the parachute fall straighter.

These entertaining science experiments for kids will give you and your child something fresh to do this summer!

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