Does Money Cause You Relationship Problems? Some Help At Hand

One spouse earning considerably less than another can cause relationship problems. Here are some communication tips you can use to handle this.

One spouse earning considerably less than another can cause relationship problems. Here are some communication tips you can use to handle this.

You earn pretty well and have bagged a fat salary at a reputable firm. Is this causing a rift in your relationship? Many relationships today suffer from some sort of financial issue.

A woman being better than her counterpart in market place is definitely one of the burgeoning relationship problems, given our patriarchal society that frowns on such an equation.

Even if it is the other way round – the man in a heterosexual relationship earning a lot more, this can lead to a power imbalance or a feeling of insecurity in his female partner.

Here are 5 ways to nurture your relationship when you know it is certainly going downhill due to money issues.

Make your partner feel special with small gestures

Let your partner know that he is very special to you and use little gestures to let him know that he is indubitably the most significant person in your life. Express your gratitude for her love and care on the days when you needed support. Make it known to her that you value her guidance and support.

Ask for his or her say or advice in matters of crucial importance

Regardless of who earns more, if your partner is going through a rough time at work, these are the times when he or she needs your attention a little more than other times.

Ask for their suggestions to improvise your office presentation – even if you are in control of the situation, you may learn something new! Doing this would not shrink your stature in any case but it will certainly cut down your relationship problems effectively.

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Motivate your partner to take up innovative projects

Taking up new assignments and project work will keep your spouse occupied and give you both something new to talk about as well. When you bond over work, the chances of you both feeling insecure are lower.

Keep your income graph at bay when at home

Acknowledging the fact that you earn more than your spouse, it is no way prudent to bring this factor into financial matters that impact you both. Arrive at a joint account where both parties put in the funds necessary to run the home and make investments, while each of you has some discretionary funds for personal expenses.

Plan a vacation together

Make time for family meetings to strengthen your bond and plan a few days off to rekindle the lost spark in your relationship. This can indeed help in resolving your intrinsic relationship problems. The key is to plan together, so that both of you feel invested.

Be prudent and take professional counselling

If you find that you are unable to resolve your relationship problems yourself, it is advisable to consider counselling. A counselor can better help you understand the basic causes as well as patterns of your disagreements and work through them. While this is still nascent in India, larger Indian cities now do have professional marriage or relationship counseling available.

To resolve the intricate web of relationship problems, it is essential to understand the cause of rift. Understanding and grasping the cause of the gap in your relationship will indeed help you restore your dysfunctional relationship to health again!

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