How This American Couple Used Humour When Dealing With Infertility

Posted: May 14, 2016

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Dealing with infertility can be a very painful experience for any couple. But American news personality Spencer Blake and his wife Whitney have used humour to cope. Here’s how.

Spencer Blake and wife Whitney have been dealing with infertility. A problem that plagues many couples today. But this fun-filled couple decided to turn the sad event into a happy one.

During infertility awareness week, this couple got together and clicked pictures of themselves, spoofing popular baby announcement methods. They were very creative and imaginative when it came to shooting these pictures. Some pictures are funny, some are sarcastic and some poignant. They’ve shared it on their blog and the pictures have gone viral since.

You can view all the pictures here. 

In the first “Bun in the oven” pic, they’ve stood in front of an oven looking happy in the first shot. In the second shot they are sad and the caption reads ” We’ve spent all the dough…still no bun in the oven”. In another version they’ve used Italian food as a prop.

Amazing creativity, isn’t it ? Totally, they’ve made six such hilarious infertility announcements.

Being more sensitive to folks dealing with infertility

How often do we come across people who address the ‘Infertility’ issue with some sensitivity? Newly married couples are generally bombarded with questions like ” When are you having your first baby?” and if they are finished with the first, then the next question pops up “When are you planning the second one”?

Spencer and Whitney have made light of the situation and they understand what emotional pain a couple goes through because they’ve dealt with it themselves.

The pictures have touched many couples and they’ve received numerous comments from couples who are dealing with or have dealt with this issue.

Spencer and Whitney are now proud parents of two little boys whom they adopted after struggling with ‘Infertility’ for years. They’ve sent out a message to all the childless couples that ‘Adoption’ is a great choice too.

As an ode to to this cool couple I’d like conclude with this quote, “Life isn’t about trying to weather the storm. It’s about learning to dance in the rain”.

Top image via Spencer & Whitney’s blog cited above

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