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Maneka Gandhi Wants Daycare Facilities In Companies. Great For Moms – And Dads Too

Posted: May 26, 2016

Union cabinet minister for women and child development, Maneka Gandhi wants daycare facilities in companies to encourage women pursue their work. Read to know more. 

This new move by the Women and child development (WCD) ministry is great news for all mothers – but let’s not forget fathers too, who have equal responsibility in looking after children.

The ministry wants to make sure that every company, both public and private who are hiring women would also provide daycare facility to them. Fantastic! They are taking essential steps to ensure that this is being made mandatory for gram panchayats, construction companies and mining firms.

Reasons for giving up their careers

The good news is that there is an increase in the number of women working in all sectors. The bad news is that many women quit working after pregnancy or leave after a few years and we are well aware of the prime reasons.

It’s due to pregnancy, post pregnancy related issues, inadequate maternity leave, not having adequate support in raising the child, and the absence of daycare facilities at work is by far, largely the main reasons why women quit working. That’s distressing.

Every mother can work productively, if at the domestic front, her kids are taken care of. If they are given the privilege to work in a peaceful environment. Day care facilities in companies is a major step towards achieving that.

Daycare facilities in companies = health benefits for women too

There are numerous reasons why the Indian urban woman prefers to work. Undoubtedly, there are health perks to working. Women who work in a good environment, are more independent and feel confident about themselves.  Isn’t that a good feeling ? Working helps them to preserve their own individuality which is essential to one’s well being.

Thereby she’ll be able to perform her additional roles as a mother, wife and daughter more efficiently. It also brings financial independence. Having control and being in charge of our own finances gives us a feeling of empowerment. I’m sure most women would agree to this point. These factors can only be achieved if women are provided a platform to work in a good environment.

If day care facilities are provided  by more and more companies, both women and men can work peacefully and productively knowing that their kids are in safe hands. What more do parents want, when they are at work?

Maneka Gandhi has to be complimented for taking such extensive steps to not only encourage more women to resume work but also to ensure that they working in a healthy environment with their peace of mind. Let’s hope more companies take this initiative seriously.

Image of Maneka Gandhi is a still from a youtube video

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  1. Prerna chhetri -

    Let the bill pass and a mandate to float across all sectors then only it will become a reality. Though this thought itself brings a new ray and positivity for all working mothers and fathers :)..

  2. I hope it gets implemented..

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