Don’t Mess With This Woman Who Shut Up These Men Good And Proper

Posted: April 23, 2016

Men were whining about the undue advantage that women traveling by public transport have in ladies’ coaches. A woman shut them up with her reply.

The ‘ladies coach and seat’ has always been a hot topic of discussion for men. They term it as ‘outrageous’ and have also accused us of playing a double game. They say that on one hand women talk about feminism and gender equality and on the other they take advantage of these ‘privileges’. But is it so?

We live in a society which in general pushes the idea that the needs of men should always be put above the needs of women. Hence, it is only natural that men will occupy the seats and in most cases not even bother to accommodate women.

Also, there are very few women and the seats go empty anyway. But why are there so few women?

The main reason these seats are reserved is because there is a need for it. Without them, most of the time, women in our society will never get a seat.

We can of course do away with these archaic regulations, which even most women find offensive, when our society is matured enough to start respecting women by thinking that they are both equal.

Dyuti Sudipta overheard this familiar argument that two men were having on the metro and how a woman shut them up with a befitting reply.

She posted this conversation on Facebook. Take a look.

Image source: Metro passengers by Pixabay

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