Surprising Things That Happen To You When You Are Expecting

Your experience of pregnancy might surprise you by the emotions it brings forth, feelings you might not have known existed within you.

Your experience of pregnancy might surprise you by the emotions it brings forth, feelings you might not have known existed within you.

Pregnancy is undoubtedly the most beautiful experience in a woman’s life. Regardless of the nausea and the physical discomfort, any woman who has had a baby would agree that all the pain is forgotten, once she lays her eyes on her newborn.

Pregnancy brings with it a plethora of experiences and feelings in a woman that she had been so far unaware of. Thus reinstating the age old belief that a child gives birth to a woman.

Below are just some of the things that you might experience during those nine months. It will especially surprise you if you have been a level-headed/hard-headed person until now.

You will discover that you are an emotional bag of nerves

No matter how long you might have denied this, but pregnancy makes you accept that you are indeed an emotional and sensitive being. And worse still, almost anything can trigger those showers of tears you  so bravely had been controlling all this while.

Suddenly, all puppy and baby photos/videos look adorable

Of course, you have rolled your eyes at least once when someone shared cute babies’ or cute puppies’ photos on social media. And you might have had a little heart attack when you saw them both TOGETHER! But mysteriously the same pictures and videos start looking oh-so-cute that you could even go all AAWWW the moment you see them.

You will find yourself rearranging that ultimate priority list

If marriage had reshuffled your life a little and messed up your priority list, pregnancy and subsequent child birth are going to completely revamp your priority list. Office gossip or a new hunk in the block may not seem as exciting as your unborn’s kicks and twists. Every waking thought shall somehow involve your baby, right from what you eat to how you work.

You might not admit it, but you do want to be pampered

You might have been a strong independent woman, but pregnancy converts you into a love sucking monster looking for little pampering, wherever it might come from. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself gushing over the neighbor who unexpectedly gave you some home cooked meal. Even if you have been a hard nut in the past, pregnancy will leave you all mushy and soft.

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You realize that after all you love being a mom

You might have been scared or apprehensive at the thought of being pregnant. But a few days into conception, you realize that you actually love being a mother. Some people even go to the extent of wondering that why they even delayed the life changing in the first place.

You dream of your li’l one every now and then

You probably would start speaking to your newborn even before the doctor suggests. But you won’t stop there, as you would end up even dreaming about him or her. Right from how he would look to what he would do, you would dream up almost everything and anything.

Assessing your partner as dad

You stare at your partner much too longer than before only to decide which one of his features you want the baby to inherit. And probably you would also lose your nerves, every time you see your partner burping or picking his nose, lest your baby pick up those awful habits later on.

Diet conscious freak for the baby’s sake?

No amount of motivation can turn you into a diet conscious freak as pregnancy can. The moment you know that you are expecting, you mentally strike off all the junk food you had so far relished. So out goes the Maggie, the burgers and the pizzas .But there’s always lots and lots of ice cream to help you keep your sanity. And if at all you give in to the occasional craving for noodles, it has to be strictly ajinomoto free.

Planning life with the baby

You begin to make a list of things you would do and places you would go to after the baby arrives. It is as if you are beginning the part 2 of your own life. Eliminating the bad, keeping the best and planning the awesome.

Activism for children

You may have been neutral if not completely indifferent to any piece of news related to children up till now. But when you are pregnant, you may have a sudden strong urge to fight for children’s right or an untoward incident involving children may get your blood boiling. Don’t worry, that’s just motherhood waiting to explode and gush out.

Finally, not every woman may experience these feelings as every pregnancy is different, but what remains universal is the overwhelming love every woman  feels for her child, no matter who or where she is.

Image source: pregnant woman touching her belly by Shutterstock.


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