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fussy eater
How I Dealt With My Fussy Eater? 9 Tried And Tested Tips That Worked For Me

Having a toddler at home is challenging enough, and if the toddler is also a fussy eater then life can become really tough. Here are some tips I can give.

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unusual friendship
As A 7 Year Old, I Struck Up An Unusual Friendship With A Stranger. Here’s My Story

I had an unusual friendship with an unknown woman as a child of 7. The affection she showed me meant a lot to me, and even today it makes a difference.

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Dear Son, I Don’t Want You To Be My Budhape Ki Lathi. Here Are My Promises To You

Parents should realize that their children do not 'owe' them anything, and we should ideally set children free to make their choices in life.

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Introspect! Do You Recognize Yourself In Any Of These Toxic Behaviours Causing Negativity?

Maybe we should check if we might be practicing one or more of these toxic behaviours, causing annoyance or even misery to those around us?

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Why I Kept Quiet When A Man Exposed Himself To Me In Broad Daylight

People know that street harassment is common, but they expect good girls to not talk about it, preferring to maintain the silence on these topics.

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Does Being Married Mean That I No Longer Need To Look Good Since I Had ‘Caught’ My Man?

Why does being married mean that I can no longer have fun or want to look good? Is the sole purpose of a woman's looks to 'catch' a man?

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My Sister Mothered Me, And Continues To Do So Even After I Became A Mom

Big sister as mother is not an uncommon story. A lovely ode to the bond of sisterhood, one of the strongest ones there is.

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Kangana Is A Witch. As Is Every Strong Woman I Know.

Kangana Ranaut has been called a witch and worse, but that is the fate of every strong woman who dares to speak her mind.

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The Day I Learnt Again About Saying Hello To A Real Person In The Real World

With our social media addiction, in a world increasingly connected virtually, how easy is it for us to connect in real life?

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Surprising Things That Happen To You When You Are Expecting

Your experience of pregnancy might surprise you by the emotions it brings forth, feelings you might not have known existed within you.

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A Gift Of Selfless Love [Short Story]

A mother not only gives you your life, but infuses it with everything that makes it worth living. A beautiful short story about the memories of a mother.

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My Story: How I Remained Positive About Becoming A Mother Even After Losing One Ovary

I had one ovary taken out after suffering from a dermoid cyst as a teen. But I remained positive about becoming a mother even with just one ovary. This is my story.

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An Open Letter To All The People Who Judge And Criticize A Mother

Here's an open letter to all the people who judge and criticize a mother and offer unsolicited advice.

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Beti Bachao Is Not Enough, We Need A Revolution In Women’s Rights

Beti bachao is futile if we don’t reevaluate gender roles completely. A very educated woman I know who works as an HR manager must always stick a bindi on her forehead irrespective of what attire she wears. I wonder if the honour of the family lies in such a small thing as a plastic stick on bindi? In 2012, in […]

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The Dilli Ki Ladki Stereotype: Here’s Why I Think It’s Wrong

Why do women become the centre of such ridiculous biases? The author dismantles the Dilli Ki Ladki stereotype, assumption by ridiculous assumption.

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How To Deal With Toxic People After Marriage: 7 Calls To Action To Win You Peace Of Mind and Productivity

How to deal with toxic people after marriage? Here are 7 ways you can regain your self-esteem and peace of mind.

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Flowers and Chocolates [Short Story]

Tania is married with a child and is leading a fairly normal life but when she meets Nikhil, an old friend from school, the tables on her marriage are turned. Read on to find out what happens.

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What’s It Like To Be Child Free In India, By Choice? Not Easy For Sure

What is it like to be child free in India, by choice? In a country where marriage and child birth is an obsession, its certainly not easy!

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Two Mothers And A Strange Relationship [Short-Story]

Two mothers are bonded by a strange relationship, two daughters sharing a common destiny. A short story on choices two mothers make.

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Wedding night
The Wedding Night [Short Story]

It is Aditya’s wedding night, and he is expected to act as a man. He overpowers his wife until something brings back memories of the past.

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The Mad Woman

We meet all kinds of women in our daily lives. Some sane, some a little crazy, some who have internal battles. But how is life different for each?

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Growing Old With Dignity

Growing old is compulsory - but growing old with dignity? While we would all aspire for that state, how easy is it?

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street harassment of women in India
Lust Looking: Not As Harmless As ‘Just Looking’

Street harassment of women in India takes many forms including the unpleasant leering at women on the roads considered 'just looking'.

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