7 Things Mothers Want Their Daughters To Know About Sex

We asked our readers, what is that one thing they would want their daughters to know about sex. This is what they said.

We asked our readers, what is that one thing they would want their daughters to know about sex. This is what they said.

Though we might be talking about the next 4G technology or trying to put a spaceship in Pluto, we are still not comfortable with something as common as sex. Though over the years with the advent of cable television and Internet, things have opened up, but have we really got the conversations of body and sex to the living rooms? Do Indian parents talk to their children about sex once they come of age or do children still learn about it from movies, friends or Internet?

The ideal Indian woman, or an Indian woman is not portrayed to be sexual. Virginity is celebrated as a virtue. Sex is often shown as a means to procreation. If we look at popular media, only very recently, have we seen physical intimacy between man and woman. In our movies, the lead actress is mostly a virgin. We are still not comfortable with sexual intimacy.

To get the conversation going, we at Women’s Web decided to ask parents give one advice to their daughters about sex on our facebook page. We had an interesting conversation. Most parents harped on safety and gut feelings. Here are 7 best responses we picked.

1. Sex is consensual

Know your body first. Sex should always be safe and consensual, anything else is violence. It’s a special experience. Don’t make it random.

Pooja Sharma Rao

2. Trust and understanding first

Sex follows only after when two individual define their closeness with extreme love, trust and understanding for each other.

Rekha Anand

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3. Think before you act to avoid pregnancy

The urge is natural and universal but there is no method that can offer 100% safe sex to avoid pregnancy so think before you act.

Roohi Bhatnagar

4. Listen to your gut feeling

It’s good if done at the right age. Always listen to your body, inner voice, conscience, gut. I think we all have a ‘gut feeling’ since a very young age…specially girls

Sushama Kumari

5. Know, good and bad touch

Touch – know what is good and bad.

Lakshmi Venugopalan

6. Love yourself first

Love and know yourself before loving someone else.

Ore Sel

7. Sex is beautiful

I will say to my children that sex is a beautiful thing but only then when it’s consensual and safe. Enjoy and explore but with safety.

Trisha Sengupta 

Do you agree with these suggestions, or you would want to advice something else? Write it in our comments section.

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