3 Affirmations That Can Lead You To A Happier And Fulfilled Life

Here the writer gives three affirmations that will turn your life around. Try them. It has worked fabulously for the writer!

Here the writer gives three affirmations that will turn your life around. Try them. It has worked fabulously for the writer!

Being Oprah Winfrey’s fan, I was watching one of her last episodes of ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show.’ Oprah is one woman who has interviewed most of world’s rich and famous. And also ordinary people. In one episode she shares her learning of 25 years of doing the talk show. She said, “After doing thousands of interviews, talking to people from all walks of life, I have learnt one thing that we all want better lives.”

Isn’t it true that we are all looking for better lives? Each one of us is looking for something better. But when you want something better, one question we need to ask is, am I supporting myself to get what I want?

Ofcourse most of us will say, that we are doing the best. We are working hard, going to the coach and everything else. But wait a second, take a breath, ask yourself, do you support yourself with your thoughts. What are your last thoughts when you go to sleep or the first ones when you wake up? Are you being kind to yourself? Those are your conversation with the Universe, with each thought you are affirming your reality.

You know, if I can recollect one person whom I have treated the worst, that person is me. Most of my thoughts were how I am not good enough, how I am not beautiful, intelligent and so on. The thing is what you tell yourself, the Universe listens and responds back. I manifested so many disasters until I finally learnt to support myself with good thoughts. Trust me life changed for better.

And over the years, I have learnt that ‘not-being-good-enough’ is a chronic belief system so many carry. We desire something but tell ourselves that we are not good enough for it. I know that because I have carried this for so long, and I let go good things because I was convinced otherwise. Let us learn today how to first support ourselves with kinder and supportive thoughts, because when we don’t we look for outside validation, which often ends in disaster. I am telling you this, the world can never give you, what you won’t give yourself. Most of us are so used to beating ourselves low. That is why we get stuck to places which make us happy no more. Let us now learn the art of affirmation, which would not only change our thought process but finally our lives too. Affirmations are the first step towards a happy life.

Now, how do we affirm?

Take a pen and paper and write that you love yourself. This is the most difficult part, just write that you love and accept yourself the way you are. Do it each day on and on, till it settles within you.

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We are so used to criticize ourselves, and it did not take us anywhere better. Let us reverse the process and see what happens. I promise you, you will lead a better life. These three affirmations, “I love myself,” “I forgive myself” and “I accept myself,” will start creating magic.

Write them down on your notepad, stick it on your fridge, car, table or wherever you can see them, just keep telling yourself that you love yourself completely. A person, who loves oneself, honors the creator or the Universe. You cannot hate who you are, and expect to feel good about yourself. True, you are not perfect, but you have to love yourself through imperfections. The truth is that you are a human being, you are meant to be imperfect, grow and learn from it. You are here to grow, not to be perfect.

Also, the truth is that, you cannot love anyone without loving yourself. How do you give something  that you don’t have for yourself? To know love for others, the beginning is self-love.

Also, you might think, that there are things that you can never forgive yourself for. Hold on. You can forgive yourself and everyone for everything. All things are lessons. Once you learn to forgive yourself, you can forgive others too. And if you cannot accept yourself, you will always try to fix others. Remember what irritates me in you, is a hidden part in me. I cannot recognize something in you, which is not a part of me. The more I accept myself, the easier my relationships become.

Write these three affirmations for a few times when you wake up and before going to bed. Whatever you do in the morning and before going to sleep, goes into your subconscious mind and from there the physical reality manifests.

You can also, do the mirror exercise, which is to hold a mirror infront of you, look into your eyes and tell yourself these three affirmations.

You can also, do the mirror exercise, which is to hold a mirror infront of you, look into your eyes and tell yourself these three affirmations. It can be a little difficult process, a lot from within comes up, a lot of pent up emotions may come up, but keep doing it. Look into your eyes and say, how much you love yourself.

Affirmations work best when we do with feelings. Ofcourse it’s not easy, so fake it till you make it.

You have my word, that when you really learn to love yourself, accept and forgive the quality of your life will miraculously upgrade. The Universe supports every thought of yours, if you decide to love and accept yourself, you will see that people around you will do the same with you. I saw one change, now that I love and approve myself and do not run for approval, everyone around me does the same. It can be my friends, my boss, colleagues or my landlady, I see that approval coming. Running for approvals, not only drained me but it takes away my power to say no, and from there it’s a downhill journey.

Most of us grow up with a lot of criticism, and if you notice you love and criticize yourself the way you were as a child. It’s like a cycle. Now that you have grown up, let’s choose what is best for us. Self-love is an ongoing journey, there is no destination. But the more you love, approve of who you are, your life will bloom in ways you can’t imagine. My life took a giant leap after I learnt to love myself.

No, I am still not perfect at it. But I am learning and the more I learn, the more benefits life offers me.

Do, this every day and see how life changes. If anything, do it for 21 days.

In my next blog, I will write about new affirmations for health, career, money and relationships. These are four areas we all need growth. For now, keep saying yourself that you truly love yourself so much. Criticizing yourself has not helped much, let us try by loving ourselves. I am doing the same affirmations, learning the same lessons. Once we love ourselves, loving others is easy. Imagine if everyone knew how to love and accept themselves, the world would have had so less chaos.

From today, let us create a loving world, by loving ourselves first.

We will again talk about other affirmations, in our next week blog!

Till then, love yourself better.

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