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The Story Of Three Women Who Fought Against Sexual Violence [Video]

Posted: December 19, 2015

Sexual abuse is a Universal story. Here are three women and their fight against sexual violence to lead a normal life.

Sexual abuse is more rampant than we think it is. It happens in our homes, offices and streets. Here are the lives of three women that is documented, who has suffered sexual, physical and emotional abuse in the confines of their homes. And their story of coming back and living a life of their own.

As you watch their stories, let’s not forget this happens everywhere. Sexual violence has no boundary or it does not belong to one economic or social strata. It is the story of everywhere.

Violence takes away the self-respect of the abused. Humiliation has always been the strongest weapon of the abuser. In these stories you will see, how no matter what lives can be built up once again, with some help.

Do watch this documentary and share it with someone, who might need some inspiration. Remember violence is a Universal story.


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