It Took 5 Mins For This Stranger To Remove This Kid’s Clothes: Did You Talk To Your Child About Sexual Abuse? [Video]

This video shows how a kid was tricked to remove his clothes in just 5 minutes. It's high time you talk about sexual abuse to your child.

This video shows how a kid was tricked to remove his clothes in just 5 minutes. It’s high time you talk about sexual abuse to your child.

Parents are the doting lovers of their children. They look after them and leave no stone unturned to get nothing but the best for their beloveds. Parents do this as they know that their child is completely dependent on them for everything. As the kid tries to make some sense of the world, it is the parent who always has to come to the rescue. The protective spirit of a parent always acts as a shield against all that can cause any harm the child.

Even then the reports of some tragic attacks on these little ones continue to surface. In the recent years there has been a spurt in these crimes. All the advancements in technology and availability of high-tech gadgets are failing the parents in their attempt to safeguard their child from the horror of child abuse. According to statistics of 2014, 53% of children are victims of sexual abuse, which is nothing short of a parent’s worst nightmare. As children are vulnerable and gullible they end up being the soft targets.

The best way to empower them is to talk to them at length about how they can be attacked and demonstrate the difference between a good and a bad touch. Kids might be impressionable, but they are also very instinctive. You might get surprised as to how quickly they grasp these nuances to raise the alarm at the right time. Don’t wait till the eleventh hour or for them to grow up as the little they are, the more endangered they are. Don’t hesitate to take this important step towards your child’s safety. A single incident of indecent behaviour from someone else can lead to serious repercussions on the psyche of the little one.

If you are going an extra mile in all the different aspects of parenthood, why leave the most important aspect; which is to teach them how to protect themselves. You can’t be there with them at all times. Make your child self-sufficient and reject the shame. Watch this video by PuraniDili Talkies that talk about good touch and bad touch.

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