Boys Don’t Cry [Poem]

Posted: August 19, 2015

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‘Boys don’t cry’ goes the saying. This poem explores what goes behind moulding boys who don’t cry and at what cost.

In the quarter finals of the cricket match,

The ball hit him hard.

He cried.

They laughed,

Boys don’t cry.


In the semi-finals,

It hurt again.

He felt ashamed.

He fought his tears hard.


In the finals,

It hurt more.

He did not cry.

He bowled more and more fiercely,

Denying all he felt.


The crowd cheered.

The boys patted.

The girls smiled brighter.

He was hailed as ‘the hero.’


That was his first day of perfect ‘self-deception.’

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  1. The emotions are nailed ‘bang on’…especially the last line. Simple and yet so real.

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