The True Story On The Facebook Profile [Poem]

Posted: July 23, 2015

Everyone creates a story on their Facebook profile. How far is it true? Two women lament across the screens. But reality has another story.

On one side of the computer screen,
She yearns to be the girl,
She gazes on her Facebook friend’s list, whom she randomly added.

The girl on the photos had a story, which only the other could read.
She read that the girl was thin, successful and single,
In each photo, she was surrounded by young men and women.

In the kitchen while boiling the milk for her little son,
She wondered, “How great is it to be her, the other girl.”
Thinking so, she lifted her gaze with molten eyes.

On the other side of the computer screen, the thin girl had a different story to read.
She read the other girl had a clean house, an everyday job, a husband, a child and a dog.
She looked at her own anorexic body and let a cry.

As she replied to her fan mails, like every day with a reason or hope,
Her eyes could not lift its gaze from the other girl’s profile.
She mourned, “How great is it to be the other girl, to live amidst so much security.”

This is what both women did each day,
Killed the life bit by bit that was rightfully theirs,
And longed and gasped for a life that never existed.

Time just smiled and passed by.

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