Single & Ready To Mingle? Try These Indian Start-Ups For Singles!

With Valentine's Day coming up, February is the month of romance! Here is a focus on Indian start-ups for singles, that make singlehood fun!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, February is the month of romance! Here is a focus on Indian start-ups for singles, that make singlehood fun!

I’m sure you’d agree that ‘Marriage’ is the most talked about and the most debatable topic in India. Since time immemorial, its significance and importance in our society has been strong and intense, though previously the concept of marriage was very different from what it is now. Caste, creed, religion, community and standing in the society came into play while choosing a potential life partner. To be honest, many couples married for all the wrong reasons because catering to the family’s and society’s demands were more important. This is not the case today. With time, mindsets too have changed.

The singles that we come across today are educated, financially independent and women have become empowered. They don’t mind waiting long enough to find like minded, compatible partners with similar interests and similar values. Marriage is being viewed through a different prism by young people. Unlike before, they want to marry for the right reasons. Caste, community, height and weight are becoming superfluous parameters for choosing life partners.

A couple of days back, I read about certain marriage platforms that help in connecting singles in real life. I came across a few names like Floh, Sirfcoffe and Truly Madly. I was taken aback to think that the approach to marriages has changed so much. The information and details about these marriage platforms, shared online, truly made such an impact on me that I personally visited these websites out of curiosity.

The first platform that I hit upon was Floh. I liked the website’s interface. It had a youthful and fresh touch to it. Important information regarding the registration fees, the events that connect singles and personal testimonials of the couples were shared. There is also a blog section where interesting articles on relationships and romance are shared. Floh conducts algorithm verification and detailed manual screening through which members with similar wavelength can get connected. Isn’t that interesting ?

They also have personalized conversation with the members to get to know them better. In Floh the members can interact with each other both online and offline.They conduct interactive events like wine tasting, cookouts with popular chefs, grape stomping, heritage and photography walks, dance sessions and many such events where singles mingle, interact and get to know each other naturally. They claim that most of the members in the network are educated, genuine and articulate.

The events organized by the Floh team, are meant to provide the right atmosphere for couples to get to know each other. These events increase the chances of meeting like minded partners with common values and interests which are the basic ingredients for a successful marriage. The events are charged and unacceptable behaviour by the members is not tolerated.

After Floh, I stumbled upon Sirfcoffee. As the name suggests, the dates for singles are fixed over coffee or drinks and dinner. Sirfcoffee believes in connecting global Indian professionals from all over the world. Their approach is to find the appropriate soulmate keeping traditional values and the young generation’s expectations in mind. The match is handpicked by the Sirfcoffee team based on the concerned couple’s personality type.Their main goal is to see that the match is well suited and the time and place of meeting is convenient to both the parties.

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My search ended with Truly Madly. No, I’m not referring to the mushy song ‘Truly Madly Deeply’ by Savage Gardens. It’s another marriage platform that works on similar lines. It’s more of a dating site that helps in connecting the right singles. The layout of the website attracted me. It has a youthful and a vibrant touch to it. The ideologies of the network are clearly mentioned on the site.

They authenticate ID Proofs, social profiles and employment records before registering members. So, one can be absolutely sure that it’s a safe and secure platform to mingle. This comes as good news to the women folk, as the online world is still considered a vulnerable place for many women even today. Truly Madly doesn’t only connect singles but helps us find the right people based on our personality type. They help us find partners whom we are compatible with.

These new platforms score brownie points over online dating sites because on online dating sites, it’s quite easy to create fake profiles. It is also easy to fake our personal information. I’ve personally heard stories where grooms and brides have been cheated as wrong information was provided to them and I’m sure you would have heard such stories too. It’s not unusual.

The advantage of using some of these networks are that if singles are unlucky in finding a life partner, then they at least end up making friends and increasing their social circle. Members can meet people of varying interests. I was impressed with this new emerging dating and marriage style that saves us from the hassle of browsing profiles online.

In my opinion they are doing a fantastic job in busting marriage stereotypes. They are tackling the serious business of marriage and dating with fun, play and a light hearted approach. They are taking steps to ensure that the singlehood phase remains interesting rather than depressing. Singlehood is one of the most fascinating phase in anyone’s life, so why make it stressful?

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