The Women Behind Women’s Web: Anne John

In a series of posts called ‘The Women Behind Women’s Web’, we present to you the people involved in bringing you this website – some who’ve been there from the very beginning, and some who joined in enthusiastically a little later. Hope you enjoy reading more about the team that contributes to Women’s Web. Presented in a Q&A format, this one is with Digital Publishing Trainee, Anne John, the second full-time team member at Women’s Web.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Once upon a time, I followed a very conventional path, one followed by countless others. Mid-way down that path, I realized that it was not for me and that my true calling lay elsewhere. So I exchanged my IT career for a Journalism degree and set out, starting all over again. I must say that with a supportive husband, encouraging friends and appreciative readers – it has indeed been quite fun!

Q1. Why do you blog/write? What attracts you to it?

I’m constantly having a zillion conversations in my head. Obviously the people around me neither have the time nor patience, to listen to everything that I have to say. If I don’t share at least a miniscule part of all that is buzzing around in my head, I am sure that it will explode and go ka-boom!! So I have turned to blogging and writing – to pen all my sensible and not-so-sensible thoughts!

Q2. What do you like best about writing for Women’s Web? Of all the pieces you’ve written here, which is your favourite?

Firstly, as a beginner in this field, I find writing/working with Women’s Web a good learning experience. It has taught and continues to teach me many things that a degree simply won’t. Secondly, I am glad to be writing about things that I can relate to, incidents that could and have happened to me too, day-to-day experiences which make me nod my head and go, “Oh I sooo know what you are talking about!” and people who seem real and human instead of some distant, airbrushed, fantasy diva!

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Q3. What do you think Women’s Web can do better/do differently?

I think that Marketing and PR needs to get stronger for Women’s Web. More people need to realize that there is such a respectable magazine out here, waiting for them!

Q4. What are the things that trigger you to write, that make you go, “I have to write about this!”?

Well, I love to write and I think that I explore my creative angle through writing and it helps me express my creativity. So if I’ve gone for a certain period of time without engaging in any creatively stimulating activity, then I have this compelling urge to write and it can be about anything!

Q5. Who are your favourite women writers/bloggers? What do you admire about them/their work? 

Apart from myself, you mean?  Okay seriously speaking, I don’t have any favourite bloggers as such – I simply read topics which catches my eye.

It is difficult to pick a favourite writer too, as I believe that each have their own strengths. I do have a few favourite books though, and many of them happen to be written by one-time writers. A few of my favourites would be Gone With The Wind, Marrying Anita, The Diary Of Anne Frank and Window Seat.  Also, children’s classics such as Anne of Green Gables, Heidi and I am a huge Harry Potter fan too!

Q6. What would you like to say to people who are interested in writing/blogging but are hesitant to start?

My suggestion would be to read a variety of blogs and publications. Generally I find that most people who read a lot are quite comfortable with writing, even if it is nothing fancy. Beyond that, just keep going, one step at a time. If you are really serious about it, set yourself some small goal; For example, complete 1000 words on a topic of choice within a week. Review your work with a critical eye, try to get some honest feedback from friends and gradually you will improve until the words begin to flow naturally!

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