Eat For 2 & Be Published!

Posted: April 17, 2013

Women’s Web is delighted to be partnering with Mamma Mia from Fortis Healthcare on a new e-book for expecting and new mothers, “eat for 2.”

During your pregnancy, what healthy (and delicious) foods worked for you? What did you eat to stay active at a time when a lot of demands are being made on your body? Did your mother, or grandmother, pass on some time-tested recipes to you that delight the pregnant mother’s soul?

Ladies, it’s time to share, and help us create something wonderfully nourishing – a ready reckoner for mothers at a crucial time of their lives.

“eat for 2” is going to be published shortly as a free e-book that will be available both here on Women’s Web, and over at Mamma Mia. 25 shortlisted recipes will be published – and the 5 best ones, will receive gift vouchers worth Rs.1000.

So, go ahead and share a recipe of your choice. You can do this using the Mamma Mia FB app, or over at the Mamma Mia website.

*Recipes need to vegetarian and should not contain alcohol or other substances known to be harmful to mother’s and/or baby’s health.

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