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The Women Behind Women’s Web: Lavanya Donthamshetty

Posted: September 8, 2011

In a series of posts called ‘The Women Behind Women’s Web’, we present to you the people involved in bringing you this website – some who’ve been there from the very beginning, and some who joined in enthusiastically a little later . Hope you enjoy reading more about the team that contributes to Women’s Web. Presented in a Q&A format, this one is with our food columnist, Lavanya Donthamshetty, who through Eatopia, tantalises us with delicious recipes and foodie gyan!

Intro: Tell us about yourself in a few lines.

Mother, writer, foodie, margarita lover…. I am the exception to the rule that women are multi-taskers. I HATE mobile phones. I love watching movies and my favourite movie experience ever was watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I all by myself, with no distractions or interruptions whatsoever.

Q1. Why do you blog/write? What attracts you to it?

I write because it gives me joy. I was an average student at school and I still remember the day in Standard 7, when my English teacher praised my answers to high heavens and awarded her highest marks ever! I think that was the moment I thought I was good at something and ever since, I have tried to recapture that feeling by writing more and more.

I like how you can transport a person by creating something magical with words. It is an art and the constant battle to make myself a better writer is what attracts me to it. Writing is not a job, it is a vocation. You have to feel it inside you to be any good at it.

Q2. What do you like best about writing for Women’s Web?

Writing for Women’s Web makes me write better! Seriously!

Q3. What do you think Women’s Web can do better/do differently?

Nothing really. I think WW and Aparna are onto the right track – solid content, undiluted by fluff. Just keep on doing the great work!

Q4. What are the things that trigger you to write, that make you go, “I have to write about this!”?

Many things. Random ones like the title of a book as I walk past it in a bookstore, something my children tell me, a scene from a TV show, what happens when I walk my daughter to school, a stray word from a conversation…. the list is endless! A good piece of writing is like a forest fire – all it needs is a tiny spark to get going!

Q5. Who are your favourite women bloggers? What do you admire about them/their work?

I am in awe of anyone that can write – whenever I read something of theirs I wish I could have written that. One of my favourite bloggers / writers is Sujatha Bagal, of Blogpourri fame. She has a fantastic way with words and as I am fond of saying, when I grow up, I’d like to write like her! I especially love her travel writing – I read an article and I feel like I have visited the place!

Another favourite is the blogger Poppins Mom. She is so logical in her thinking and writing; I am always in awe of how well she constructs her arguments and puts her viewpoints across. For all those who view ‘mommy bloggers’ disdainfully, I’d like to point them towards writers like her and watch them eat their words.

I am so glad to know her away from her blog but blogger Mom Gone Mad’s blog is one I keep going back to for more. Her sharp wit shines through every post and when she takes one of her breaks, I wait impatiently for her to start writing again. Sheer brilliance is how I’d term her writing.

Q6. What would you like to say to people who are interested in writing/blogging but are hesitant to start?

I’d say just open a free blog today and get started. If writing interests you, don’t hesitate! Jump right in and give free rein to your imagination.

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