The Women Behind Women’s Web: R’s Mom

In a series of posts called ‘The Women Behind Women’s Web’, we present to you the people involved in bringing you this website – some who’ve been there from the very beginning, and some who joined in enthusiastically a little later . Hope you enjoy reading more about the team that contributes to Women’s Web. Presented in a Q&A format, this one is with our very active blogger R’s Mom, whose blog posts here and at her personal blog, generally garner a lot of interesting discussions!

Intro: Tell us about yourself in a few lines

By profession, I am in the field of consulting dealing with chemicals and petrochemicals. I am otherwise a mother of a 3 year old brat who knows how to keep me on my toes, living in Mumbai and trying to balance work and family.

Q1. Why do you blog/write? What attracts you to it?

I blog because it gives me joy. It gives me an outlet and often I take out my frustrations especially travel related or Mumbai rain related or even society related on the blog and once I write down my post, I do get a sense of relief. I blog because I love to talk, and what is better than putting your feelings to word. When I started, I wanted to be a mommy blogger recording R’s antics etc etc, but now my blog is more of my sounding board. I just write what affects my daily life.

Q2. What do you like best about writing for Women’s Web?

I started writing for WW because Aparna who is the founder- editor is someone I admire and imagine my joy when she thought I was good enough to write for WW. I write for WW because it brings forth issues which are otherwise not covered in too many websites…I mean I don’t know of any other website which covers food, ailments, parenting, food for thought, and books – all women oriented but totally relevant. I love the fact that when I ask questions about society or marriage on WW, it gets responses so varied and so insightful, that it often changes the way I think.

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Q3. What do you think Women’s Web can do better/do differently?

I love the Eatopia series and if there were more entries on that, it would be so much more fun reading it. But again, that’s a very personal greed attached to it. Otherwise, I can’t think of anything which WW can do better or differently. It’s pretty much fun and knowledgeable in its current avatar.

Q4. What are the things that trigger you to write, that make you go, “I have to write about this!”?

Everything actually. Most of my blog posts are pretty much around my daily life, my issues with today’s social conditions especially women oriented, my travel tales, my office talk and of course R’s antics and difficulties in parenting. I usually blog out my questions especially regarding parenting and get such wonderful answers which makes my life so much easier!

Q5. Who are your favourite women bloggers? What do you admire about them/their work?

Indian Homemaker (IHM) – Her blog is one which has influenced me tremendously. Every post of her’s makes me think, evaluate and reconsider my thoughts about that particular topic of discussion. Awesome read. And her’s is one of the only blogs in which the comments are as enlightening as the blog post itself.

A lot of mommy bloggers I follow. I think I am bringing up R much better thanks to their experiences shared and advice rendered for various problems!

Q6. What would you like to say to people who are interested in writing/blogging but are hesitant to start?

Just write. It doesn’t take too much to start a blog and once you start writing, words will flow. Look around, everything and everyone has something to be written about.  

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