True stories by Indian women who write about the special relationships in their lives, relationship problems and highs, and share the lessons that they have learnt.
Love Is Sometimes At The Wrong Stage, But Commitment Never Goes Out Of Fashion

Commitment never goes out of fashion, and if it does, the world will truly be a sad place to live in, says this short story. Agree/Disagree? 21st February 2018 Dear Vikram, You have finally championed the art of heartburn, so much so that it can burn the world around you. Guess after 10 years, this is […]

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I Am No Longer That Timid Woman You & Your Family Treated Like A Slave!
timid woman

A personal account of an abusive marriage: "Just so you know times have changed. And I am no longer that timid woman whom you and your family treated like a slave."

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Is Marriage Considered “Free Rehabilitation Facility” By Indian Parents And Their “Problematic” Sons?
get him married

Why do Indian families feel that if a man has lost his purpose in life, is abusive, or suffers from any addictions, the best thing to do for him would be to get him married?

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When An Old Indian Man Taking Care Of His Wife On A Wheelchair Gave Me Couple Goals

An Indian wife taking care of her husband in old age is common, but this old Indian man taking care of his ill wife on a flight filled me with hope.

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I Am My Own Anchor!

No one will support you or stand with you until you decide to do that for yourself. You are your own support system, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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A Letter To The One For Whom I Was Just An Emotionless Object
dealing with his behaviour

A letter to an ex that admonishes him not to behave in the same way with any other girl, telling him how painful it has been dealing with his behaviour.

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