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True stories by Indian women who write about the special relationships in their lives, relationship problems and highs, and share the lessons that they have learnt.
lost him forever
And I Lost Him Forever! [#ShortStory]

It was during a common friend’s wedding. I was with my friend when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned, it was him. His eyes glued on me as he pulled me away.

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This Dad Showed That The End Of Marriage Is Not The End Of Parenting Kids Together

When Billy Flynn Gadbois helped his kids celebrate his ex-wife's birthday, he was demonstrating parenting beyond divorce, and was a role model.

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That Elusive Hug! [#ShortStory]
that elusive hug

Often, she justified to herself, ‘they need you, your child needs you, without you the house would fall apart. You have to stand strong to make everything alright.’ But how?

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All Work And No Play Makes You A Dull Woman: Be A Little Selfish!
to be a little selfish

Sometimes it’s good to be a little selfish, to maintain your mental health and to feel happy, even though you might have a load of responsibilities.

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Despite Being A Long Distance Relationship, Here’s How My Marriage Works Wonderfully Well!
long distance relationship

My child and I moved to a different city from my husband for a better career. This long distance relationship might be unusual, but we are making it work.

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Won’t You Talk To Me, Please? Why The ‘Silent Treatment’?
silent treatment

So many of us are in the habit of giving our loved ones the silent treatment, shutting them off, if we are angry with them. Does that really achieve anything?

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