True stories by Indian women who write about the special relationships in their lives, relationship problems and highs, and share the lessons that they have learnt.
moms are people too
Why Should We Teach Our Moms To Be Selfish? Because Moms Are People Too!

Let us recognize that moms are people too, and have a right to their downtime, no matter what the ideal of the MAA has taught you!

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The Correction [#ShortStory]
the correction

She and I broke up, the way regular, heterosexual people break up! Wait a minute! You don’t think YOU have changed, do you?

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Why Being A Stepmother Can Be The Most Difficult Role In The World

The evil stepmother of fairy tales is just that - mostly a myth. Women trying to bond with children from an earlier marriage can be just ordinary moms!

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Counterview [#ShortStory]

Only thing, here it was two heroines instead of a hero and heroine! I was in 10th std, still a little too young to fathom what exactly was going on.

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The Sword Of Words [#Poetry]
the sword of words

Words can hurt as much as actions, and sometimes words can kill the person inside. A poignant portrayal of emotional abuse.

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Let Us Make Family Important Again. But Let Us Not Do It At The Cost Of A Woman’s Freedom
importance of family

Yes, family is important, but at what cost? What about the autonomy and dignity of the woman on whose shoulders the importance of family is loaded...?

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