suicide pact
My Friend Was The Only Survivor Of Her Family’s Suicide Pact…

My friend at work survived a suicide pact - her husband and daughter passed away, but she survived. I wonder what makes someone so low that they can give it all up, even an innocent child.

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6 Ways I’m Not Just His ‘Better Half’, But A ‘Whole Person’ On My Own Too

Yes, I am in a good and happy relationship. Yes, very much in love too. But wait, what? Do you also think that's all my identity is about? NO!

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क्या एक महिला का काम करना सिर्फ पैसों की ज़रूरत है?

जहाँ एक और हम महिला सशक्तिकरण की बातें करते हैं, वहीं दूसरी ओर पितृसत्तात्मक सोच आज भी हर औरत की सच्चाई है। इसका सिर्फ एक ही जवाब है, हर लड़की को यह सिखाया जाए की आत्म-निर्भता ज़रूरी है। और सिर्फ आत्म-निर्भता ही क्यों आर्थिक आत्मा-निर्भता भी। 

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The Boundaries For Independent Women In So-Called ‘Modern’ Families

Even in so-called 'modern' families, there are strict boundaries on what women can aspire to. It turns out that our modernity is very skin-deep indeed!

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Is He Caring Or Possessive? Make Sure You Know The Difference!

There is a thin line between caring for someone and possessiveness. Care nurtures, and possessiveness destroys. Be careful that you don't mix them up!

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Cooking For The First Time In My MIL’s Kitchen, I Almost Burnt It Down!

This is a true account of what happened on my first day in the kitchen after my wedding, when I accidentally almost set fire to it! 

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