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Food journeys and quick recipes for and from Indian women who enjoy tasty, nutritious food but know that their place extends far beyond the kitchen!
quick dinner recipes
As A Student Living On Campus, I Swear By These Quick Dinner Recipes

An on-campus student who is always hungry and in search of quick dinner recipes that s/he can experiment on to get away from the rather tasteless mess/hostel food? Read on.

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This Tasty Baked Nutty Beetroot Tikki Recipe Is A Great Way To Make Kids Eat Beetroots!
beetroot tikki recipe

This beetroot tikki recipe gives you a tasty and very healthy snack, that could make sure your kids eat this otherwise disliked vegetable!

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How To Cook Simple Vegetable Pulao In A Pressure Cooker
veg pulao

One pot meal recipes in India often involve the pressure cooker. Here is a simple veg pulao recipe that can be cooked very quickly in a pressure cooker.

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Women Too Eat! My Big Plate Of Food Is Not Rebellion – Just Deliciousness

For too long have women had to hide the fact that, gasp, we have appetites too. Here's to women who eat without giving a damn!

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In Defence Of The Humble But Worthy Golgappas

Golgappas. Panipuri. Puchkas. Call it by any name, this humble streetside snack has its fans who swear by the burst of flavours and textures it offers.

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How Many Of These 10 Scrumptious Indian Breakfast Ideas Have You Tried?

Breakfast - the most important meal of the day. Here are some mouthwatering Indian breakfast ideas that you can try.

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