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neighbourhood aunty
The Neighbourhood Aunty [#ShortStory]

"You should tell her to mend her ways. This is not how women her age ought to behave.” To this my mom said that she could not possibly ask her fifty year old daughter to not live life the way she wants.

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Autumn Musings [#ShortStory]
autumn musings

The words seemed so innocent and naïve, unlike her. She felt angry. Poems, unfinished lines of love, friendship, dreams stared back at her.

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Here Is The Secret To Overcoming The Pain Of Rejection In Your Relationship

None of us are immune to rejection. The pain of rejection can overwhelm us. But here is what you need to know to overcome that pain.

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The Secrets To Taking Care Of Yourself When Going Through A Divorce
taking care of ourselves

The pain of a separation or a divorce can make us put taking care of ourselves on the back burner, when that is so essential for coming out of it whole.

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The 27th Relationship [#ShortStory]
the 27th relationship

And yes, when you don't respect your mom, how will you respect me? Learn to respect women dear... and this learning must begin with your mom. All the best for your life - bbye!

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Despite The Gender I Feel I Am [#ShortStory]
despite the gender I feel I am

So what if my body didn’t reflect my desired gender? I wondered why my sexual preferences bothered others so much. Was it a crime if I didn’t feel like a woman?

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