Anamika Majumdar
The Case Of Anamika Majumdar: Why Are So Many Good Women Made To Feel Not Good Enough In Marriage?

KBC crorepati Anamika Majumdar might be a winner, but her husband clearly considered her a 'not good enough wife'.

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Khalil Gibran’s Lines On Marriage Epitomize Modern Feminism, Even If Written Almost A Century Ago
Khalil Gibran's feminism

Khalil Gibran's feminism, in his book The Prophet, is startling in its modernity, even though written almost a century ago, and could teach us a few things.

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Flying To The US With Your NRI Husband? Visa Wives Is The Much Needed Perspective You Need [#BookReview]
visa wives

Radhika MB's book Visa Wives is a must read for all wives dreaming of a life in the US - telling it as it is, the pros and the cons, and all you need to know.

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For The First Time When My Tongue Speaks!

#Poetry. Women are routinely silenced, but at some point they find their voice, and then they stand up for their dignity. A perceptive poem.

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Husbands, Share The Mental Load Of Chores Instead Of Saying, “I Would Have Helped If You Had Asked”!
mental load of chores

Feminism needs to begin at home with husbands and other men sharing the mental load of chores instead of just doing what they are asked to do!

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Does A Lack Of Marital Symbols Signify That Such Women Are ‘Available’ And Can Be Disrespected?
marital symbols

Do marital symbols really keep a woman safe? Then we would not have had a Sita or an Ahalya! A look at this fallacy of belief.

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