VDay – The D Day Conference [#ShortStory]

They were stupendous and they could make their own destiny! They didn’t need anyone else to do it for them. Their happiness lay in their hands.

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Why Is Society And Its Custodians Of Tradition So Scared Of Independent Women?
independent women

Why do people think it is OK to police what women wear, the choices they make, the careers they want to follow? What do independent women scare them so?

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“Sindoor Suhagan Ke Sir Ka Taaj Hota Hain Ramesh Babu!” Redundant Symbols Of Marriage Today?
symbols of marriage

Symbols of marriage - the sindoor, the mangalsutra, the toe rings, etc. - do we really need to continue wearing these signs of ownership over women?

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Curse These Double Standards Of Society! When Will Things Change?
double standards

Our society is one that changes colours like a chameleon as and when it is convenient for it. Isn't it high time that the double standards were called out?

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Void [#Poetry]

A woman can be so many things, but the dementors of patriarchy and discrimination can turn even the most wondrous of souls into a void.

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“Marry Because You Want To, Not Because You Have To” And Other Nuggets Of Wisdom For My Children
things I want my children to follow

At every stage of growing up as a parent, I realise a number of things I want my children to follow or to not follow. Here they are.

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