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Our Pregnancy Is Our Pregnancy, None Of Your Pregnancy!

Get married, and a woman is promptly asked when the 'good news' is going to be! But a woman is more than her womb, and has the right to decide when she wants a child. A witty look at this.

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Hide Things From Husband? You Could Be A Victim Of Emotional Abuse
insidious violence

Hidden emotional abuse in a marriage (no scar, no swollen eye!) often goes unnoticed. This normalises the insidious violence, and can cause the affected women to hide things from their spouses.

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Don’t Expect Me To Call My MIL ‘Maa’, Because I Already Have One!

My mother-in-law cannot be my mother, who holds a special place in my life. But we can work towards a unique relationship if we recognise each other as individuals.

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Only If I’ve Actually HAD A Life
motm winner 1 June 2018

It seemed strange that Amma could have an existence independent of Appa. Did her mother even have a personality of her own, or opinions that weren’t her father’s? She didn’t know.

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Saudi Arabia Lifts Ban On Women Driving: Too Little To Cheer For?

Saudi Arabia has recently lifted the notorious women driving ban. But, will this actually bring about a change in the state of Saudi women given that the preposterous 'Male Guardianship Law' still exists?

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“Women Are Women’s Worst Enemies” – It’s Time To Smash This Myth!

Haven't you heard 'Women do not support each other', and that too not from just men but also women? If anyone thought this was true, I would say either 'rethink' or just 'take a walk'.

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