You By My Side [#ThisThingCalledLove]

Posted: February 10, 2018

We will be in conversation with Nikita Singh and talking all things love and books! 22nd Feb Mumbai | 23rd Feb Bangalore. 

A sweet poem of new love and longing, that can also ring just as true for love that has weathered the ravages of time, and is just as strong even though mellow.

Kiss me awake
with your coffee mouth
Whisper the answer
to my questions
The ones I ask with my eyes
That’s how I want to wake up
each morning with
You by my side.

Caress my back
Give my toes a squeeze
Move the hair
off my cheek
put it behind my ear
Hear how my day went
Kiss me on the forehead
That’s how I want to sleep
every night with
You by my side.

Dream my impossible
dreams with me
Hold my hands
through our leaps of faith
Seek what I’m seeking
Without a map or compass
or any destination
That’s how I want the journey to be with
You by my side.

Bring me a homemade​ birthday card
Dipped with words
lovely, thoughtful​
sweet, delicious and right.
Make me crave
every last bite.
Make me crave
Every square inch of you.
That’s how I want birthdays to be with
You by my side.

Image source: pexels

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  2. Thats’s beautifully woven into words. I enjoyed reading it.

  3. Way to go Shweta…very nicely put sensuous and romantic

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