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Cool College Wear You Can Use This Rainy Season    

Posted: August 23, 2016
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College is the place where you can see the latest trends in clothing and fashion. College wear then becomes a major part of every college girl’s life!

With so many choices in college apparel available, you can keep looking stylish always, but what do you do on rainy days? How do you then decide your college wear in this weather? Rainy season needs a makeover of your wardrobe. Here are some college wear tips to keep you stylish and comfortable at the same time!

Goodbye jeans!

Keep your jeans and denims away.. you do not end up feeling wet and cold the whole day. Go in for smart cotton capris instead! Brighten up the dull days by choosing your chinos/capris/three-fourths in bright colours like red, green or purple. These colors will not just brighten up your mood but also avoid ‘showing’ in case you get all drenched.

Georgettes and chiffons

Cottons rule the summers, but not the monsoons. You need light clothing that can dry up easily, so pick your tops/dresses in georgettes and chiffons for the rainy season. College apparel in these fabrics is easily available in all leading brands!

Leather shoes and sandals.. no please!

Leather shoes will absorb the water and not just make your footwear heavy but even spoil it! Pretty looking sandals are also not for monsoons.. go in for floaters, clogs, jelly shoes or anything that is slip resistant.

Season for skirts and dresses

Go in for skirts and flowing dresses. They not just uplift the mood of the season but will also keep you cool amidst all the humidity in the air. However, if you drive a two wheeler to college, it is best to stay away from them. Maybe, you could pool in a cab with your friends this monsoon to avoid getting wet instead.

Waterproof eyeliner is the saviour!

Although not a part of college clothing, this was too useful a tip to be ignored. Make sure you use a waterproof eyeliner at all times lest you end up with smudgy eyes and colored cheeks.

So, be cool, be fashionable and soak in the weather (literally)!

Ruchi Rajan

Ruchi Rajan

Ruchi Rajan is a woman on a mission of self-discovery. An avid reader since childhood, she grew up in the idyllic world of Enid Blyton and went on to devour the age old classics, her favorite being “Little Women”. While her academic pursuits led her to an MBA and then an HR job in the Corporate world, she gained something far more in terms of “the people she met”, learning valuable life lessons from each of her friends. The world opened up its plethora of differences to her, revealing brilliance in fields beyond mere academics. Since then, she has lived by the rule of “breaking her own barriers” and achieving things which she might never have considered before. Be it the pursuit of fitness , the thrill of ditching an Activa for an Avenger, or quitting her job to raise her two sons, she believes a person needs to do a lot in one life to raise it beyond the level of “existence.” In much the same manner, she picked up writing on a whim and discovered another side to herself. She writes mostly in the hours after midnight, after putting her screeching children to bed. But with yet another path laid out in front of her, the thrill is far more than the call of sleep. And that’s what being a woman has meant to her all along.

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