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घर के कचरे का क्या करें? जानें ‘सस्टेनेबल लिविंग विद संगीता’ में

Posted: April 22, 2021

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Welcome to the first video of our brand new series Sustainable Living With Sangeeta. Sangeeta Venkatesh is the co-author of ‘The Waste Issue’ – an interactive workbook for school students on solid waste management. As a freelance writer for 21 years, she has contributed to magazines such as Education World, Life Positive, Clean India Journal and newspapers such as Deccan Herald, Deccan Chronicle and Times of India. Deeply interested in Vedic Ecology, she has published a book “Celebrating the Earth- Stories about Prithvi”. She blogs on https://sojournwithsan.com/https://thewasteissue.wordpress.com/

In this episode, we will be talking about wet waste. Wet or organic waste that comes from our kitchen is so versatile and useful that it cannot be called waste. It consists of your fruit peels, vegetable peels, eggshells etc More than half of our waste is wet waste. There is so much you can do with it. Sangeeta explains: What is solid waste management? What are the 4 types of waste management? Why is source segregation important? What you can do with the waste from your home?
Hindi script consultant : Aparna Ghosh #sustainableliving​ #solidwaste​ #worldearthday

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