Truth Bombs I Episode 6 with Virali Modi I My Country Does Not See Me As A Human Being

Posted: February 21, 2019

My Country Does Not See Me As A Human Being

Virali Modi refuses to take it. Women with disabilities often find it doubly hard to live, move about or travel alone in India, with their disability, as well as gender, being a barrier. (Virali prefers to use the term ‘disabled person’ or ‘person with disability’ over other terms, as she feels that it is a more direct way of addressing the issue).

In this episode of Truth Bombs, Anju meets Virali Modi, an activist, motivational speaker, and an aspiring actress. 10 years ago, life almost came to a standstill for Virali after an accident. She was lying in her bed, on a presumed deathbed, on her birthday. She was in a coma, living with a ventilator. Absolutely no one thought that she’d be able to trick death and come back to life so beautifully.

Virali speaks about what made her start her petition #mytraintoride which has over 2 lakh signatures. She details the harassment that a disabled person need to undergo while using basic facilities in our society.

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