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How Do We Include Sex Workers In Financial Policies And Break The Vicious Cycle Of Poverty & Abuse?

The stigma surrounding sex work needs to be dismantled to empower sex workers and to put an end to their abuse. This requires financial inclusion.

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Our Laws On Sex Work Must Be Inclusive & Humane; Not Pander To Social Ideas Of ‘Morality’
Immoral Traffic Prevention Act

The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act victimises sex workers instead of protecting them from the evils of pimping and brothels. How can we make it more humane and inclusive?

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The Hunger Games…That Slut Shame The Victim!

“She will get everything, but not life. She will sell her flesh, her dignity every day. She will die every day to feed us.”

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What Decided Which Side Of The Red Tinted Glass Screen She Ended Up On?

Back in her room, Shanaya reflected back at the strange encounter, the connect she felt in her bones. Had she imagined that conversation there? Was it wrong to dream, she wondered.

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A Prostitute I Am

We look down with contempt on women who use their bodies as sex workers, but what about their male clients? A look into our collective hypocrisy.

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How A Sex Worker Became A Human Rights Activist, With Akkai Padmashali [Video]

Akkai Padmashali's story is that of a phoenix rising from the ashes. Find out how a sex worker fought the odds and became a human rights activist!

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