Why Have All Religions Been Universally Disastrous For Women?

Take any religion, no matter what the tenets, women have always suffered. If religions are often at loggerheads about so many things, why do they all agree on controlling women?

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Why Am I A Hindu? A Question Anyone Who Is Might Well Ask Themselves
Why I Am A Hindu

Shashi Tharoor's book Why I Am A Hindu answers a few questions about the religion I am born into, and made me wonder where we're going with our collective interpretation of it.

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Passport Officer Vikas Mishra’s Rude Behaviour With Inter-Faith Couple Is Moral Policing
Vikas Mishra

The recent incident of a passport officer Vikas Mishra lashing out at an inter-faith couple, is a clear case of how moral policing is an everyday thing in our society.

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Afreen Rehman Raises Her voice Against Triple Talaq. Knocks At Court Doors For Justice

Afreen Rehman received a rude shock in the form of divorce by post, or the infamous ‘triple talaq’. This fighter refuses to take it lying down. In 2014,  Afreen Rehman got married to a man through a matrimonial portal. Her first few days after marriage were just how it should have been but after 2-3 months her […]

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A Story Of Deceit: Cockatiel And The Cock-a-doodle-doo

Here's a simple yet, touching story of deceit. A story that shows how some people can cheat a common man, like Mr. Gupta, and get away with it so easily.

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