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Niyati Tamaskar Unafraid
This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Let’s Cheer For Gutsy Survivor Niyati Tamaskar’s Tale

Niyati Tamaskar writes about how she was 'Unafraid' despite breast cancer that struck her at a very vulnerable time - as a new mom with a breast-feesing infant.

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Actor Lisa Ray Is Back In A New Avatar After A Successful Fight With Cancer
Lisa Ray memoir

After a diagnosis and fight against one of the rarest of cancers, ex-supermodel Lisa Ray has published a book Close to the Bone, about her journey back to herself. A chat with her on the occasion.

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My Response To Yashica’s Call To Come Out As Dalit And To Embrace My Dalitness
Yashica Dutt Coming out as Dalit

Coming Out As Dalit, as the title suggests, is a memoir of a young Dalit woman Yashica Dutt, who documents her experience of being systematically forced to hide her Dalit identity to get somewhere in the world.

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Do You Think Women In Their 50s Should Be Retiring Already Or Living It Up?
Feisty at Fifty review

Feisty at Fifty: How I Stay Fabulous at Fifty-Plus by Sudha Menon promises to be an interesting read going by the cover page and title. Does it deliver? 

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Devi Menon Creates A Tender Memoir Of Home Made Pickle And Pregnancy In Amla Mater [#BookReview]
Amla Mater

Amla Mater, a memoir by Devi Menon is every bit as nostalgia inducing and mouth-watering as the title of this review suggests. Do look it up! 

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A Taste Of Yashodhara Lal’s Rib-Tickling Memoir ‘How I Became A Farmer’s Wife’ [Excerpt]
Yashodhara Lal

Yashodhara Lal's techie husband decided one fine day to become a farmer. Which is how she became a farmer's wife. An excerpt from her best selling memoir, reviewed here.

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