Book Review: Britney Spears, The Woman In Me
Britney’s Memoir Asks The Question: Why Is The World So Harsh Only On Women?

Britney Spears' memoir is painful to read as a woman... so much that this immensely talented woman went through for things that we take for granted in male celebrities!

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Britney Spears’ Memoir The Woman In Me Is A Truly Moving Read
Britney Spears Memoir The Woman In Me

“You have to speak the thing that you’re feeling, even if it scares you. You have to tell your story. You have to raise your voice” says Britney Spears in her memoir.

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Leila Seth Could Not Escape The Burden Of A ‘Superwoman’ Society Places On Career Women
Leila Seth autobiography

Leila Seth's autobiography On Balance reveals how she was truly a woman ahead of her times, yet expected to do all that society expects of a woman, no matter who.

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Meet Dr Balesh Jindal, The Reluctant Doctor Who Worked For 40 Yrs In An Indian Village
The Reluctant Doctor

The Reluctant Doctor: Stilettos to Stethoscope - True Stories from inside a Clinic is a medical memoir by Dr Balesh Jindal who grew up privileged but worked as. GP in a village in India.

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Why Savarna Readers Must Read Yogesh Maitreya’s Memoir ‘Water In A Broken Pot’

"Death for Dalits is metaphorical. An 'Untouchable' never existed as a person worthy of respect from society or recognised as a mind. He was simply invisible, except when his labour was extracted, exploited and used for free…"

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‘Coming Out As Dalit’: Why It’s Important That Every Indian Reads Yashica Dutt’s Memoir

‘Coming out as Dalit' should be mandatory reading for all Indians, because we need to understand that the caste system is still alive, and that by merely pretending it is no longer relevant, we cannot wish it away.

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