Lisa Ray memoir
Actor Lisa Ray Is Back In A New Avatar After A Successful Fight With Cancer

After a diagnosis and fight against one of the rarest of cancers, ex-supermodel Lisa Ray has published a book Close to the Bone, about her journey back to herself. A chat with her on the occasion.

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My Response To Yashica’s Call To Come Out As Dalit And To Embrace My Dalitness
Yashica Dutt Coming out as Dalit

Coming Out As Dalit, as the title suggests, is a memoir of a young Dalit woman Yashica Dutt, who documents her experience of being systematically forced to hide her Dalit identity to get somewhere in the world.

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Do You Think Women In Their 50s Should Be Retiring Already Or Living It Up?
Feisty at Fifty review

Feisty at Fifty: How I Stay Fabulous at Fifty-Plus by Sudha Menon promises to be an interesting read going by the cover page and title. Does it deliver? 

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Devi Menon Creates A Tender Memoir Of Home Made Pickle And Pregnancy In Amla Mater [#BookReview]
Amla Mater

Amla Mater, a memoir by Devi Menon is every bit as nostalgia inducing and mouth-watering as the title of this review suggests. Do look it up! 

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A Taste Of Yashodhara Lal’s Rib-Tickling Memoir ‘How I Became A Farmer’s Wife’ [Excerpt]
Yashodhara Lal

Yashodhara Lal's techie husband decided one fine day to become a farmer. Which is how she became a farmer's wife. An excerpt from her best selling memoir, reviewed here.

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The Curious Tale Of How A Best Selling Author Became A Farmer’s Wife [#BookReview]
How I Became A Farmer's Wife

In her memoir How I Became A Farmer's Wife, Yashodhara Lal tells us of an interesting phenomenon - successful techies turning unlikely farmers.

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