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World Cancer Day
4th Feb World Cancer Day: How Can We Help Families Like Mine Cope With The Loss And Grief?

I lost my mother to colon cancer when I was just 13, and the grief of it affects me even now in many ways. What could have been done differently?

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Stop Stereotyping How We Express Grief And Shaming People For ‘Too Little Or Too Much Grief’!
grief stereotypes

Losing a loved one is heartbreaking. To be judged by the world for your emotions, or the lack of them, is just cruel.

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It’s All About Self-Love And Acceptance In Naseeruddin Shah & Rasika Dugal Short Film The Broken Table

A wonderful, nuanced short film, The Broken Table by Large Short Films delves into the complexity of Alzheimers and of relationships.

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Life Refuses To Stop, Neither For Grief Nor Happiness!
Life Refuses To Stop, Neither For Grief Nor Happiness!

We carry these experiences in the form of memories throughout our lifetime, as these experiences become beautiful memories or lessons that drive us through our journey.

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How Much Pain Is Real Enough To ‘Become Sentimental’ As You Say, Doctor?

My OBGYN was quite taken aback to see me in tears. She gave a small laugh and said, ‘But Madam, it was just an eight-week-old, ill-formed foetus - why are you being so sentimental?”

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When I Was Told I Couldn’t Touch My Dying Grandmother As I Was A Girl!

When people picked my dadi to place her on the floor, the sheet on why she lay tore. The caretaker came to me and said, ‘Just because you touched her, one of the men carrying her lost his balance.’

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