Delhi gangrape
walking for Nirbhaya
Yesterday Night, 30 Women Walked From Anupam Theatre To Munirka Bus Stop For Nirbhaya

30 women came together in response to a call out on Facebook, to walk together on the night streets of Delhi, to commemorate Nirbhaya. 

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Crimes Against Women Have Risen Despite Awareness Created By Nirbhaya Day!
Nirbhaya day

One more Nirbhaya Day comes along on 16th December, 6 years since Jyoti Singh a.k.a Nirbhaya was brutally gangraped. Has anything changed for the women of India?

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India’s Juvenile Justice: Can We Truly Heal Society Through Punishment Alone?

There is no denying victims' and families' pain in heinous cases of rape and murder. Can India's juvenile justice also create a safer society, even as it seeks to assuage victims' and their families' grief?

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Taking Stock: Post Dec 16, Has Anything Changed For Women In India?

Post Dec 16, how has the law and its implementation changed when it comes to the safety of women in India?

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A Year After Nirbhaya
Delhi gangrape protests of 2012

A comment on what has changed an year after Nirbhaya - while crime has not gone away, our response to rape as a crime has changed

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She’s A Man!
Women are people too

Last week my father was hospitalized. I have no brothers and I’m his primary caregiver. His condition was serious, and things could have taken an ugly turn had I not acted promptly and efficiently. But there was no question of that. To act promptly and efficiently is in the nature of things for me. I’ve […]

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