Aruna Rajan

I am associated as an advisor and volunteer with Magasool, a not-for-profit initiative to make agriculture viable for small and marginal farmers. I have been a researcher in the payments and the IT sectors over the last six years. Before that, I was a lost and dreamy physics graduate student. While the Ph.D. did nothing to improve my temperament, and everything it could to dull my conviction, it added a much needed and welcome sense of perspective!

Voice of Aruna Rajan

India’s Juvenile Justice: Can We Truly Heal Society Through Punishment Alone?

There is no denying victims' and families' pain in heinous cases of rape and murder. Can India's juvenile justice also create a safer society, even as it seeks to assuage victims' and their families' grief?

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AIB Roast: Pushing The Envelope Of Free Speech Or Just Bigotry?

Defending the the AIB Roast under the free speech banner is not the same as applauding its prejudice and bigotry in the name of humour, says this author.

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women at work welcome?
The Diversity Trap: Are Women Really Welcome In The Workplace?

Making women at workplaces welcome has to be about more than just ticking the box for 'diversity'.

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Why India Needs The Women’s Reservation Bill

Reservations for women in the Indian Parliament have been hotly debated. Here is why passing the women's reservation bill is necessary for Indian politics.

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Convenient Equality: Dowry By Any Other Name…

This comprehensive article takes a look at the equality of convenience, the changing forms of dowry, and how it affects both men and women.

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City Chauvinism And The “My City Is Safer Than Yours” Complex

Want to make your city safe for women? Stop getting into petty "my city is safer than yours" debates! This insightful article asks all the right questions.

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