Support Your Neighbourhood. An Opportunity With Kirana 11!

Are you someone who cares about your local community? Would you like your neighbourhood to be vibrant and successful?

If yes, here is your chance to help local businesses in your neighbourhood thrive!

(And you get rewarded for doing this too.)


Opportunity for brand ambassadors! is a team of passionate and talented individuals who believe in the unique strengths of Kiranas. This team believes that their unique combination of consistency of a modern retailer and the hyper-local knowledge of the kirana owner, can truly delight customers.

A new initiative from, first in Bangalore, aims to get changemakers in each locality involved in bringing more kirana stores on this modern platform.

As a brand ambassador for (and a community ambassador in your neighbourhood), you would be involved in activities such as partnering with other women for group shopping, providing feedback on the product and helping the team acquire new user registrations.


Fill up this simple form and a team member will call you for more information.

What do you receive?

Besides the satisfaction of enabling your local retailers get more business through, you would receive fixed as well as variable incentives in the form of shopping discounts and vouchers for your monthly budget!

To start with, we are specifically looking for brand ambassadors based in J.P. Nagar, although this is likely to be rolled out to other areas in Bangalore soon too.

Ambassador incentive program:
1.     Fixed incentive
a.     Rs. 3000 worth of monthly discounts on grocery shopping on our platforms provided they fulfil the basis requirements like providing us regular feedback on the performance of kirana stores on our platform. The coupons can be redeemed in 4 orders in a month.
2.    Variable incentives:
a.     Rs. 50 coupon for each new customer referred to our platform
b.    Rs. 30 coupon for each order placed using the referral code (restricted to maximum 4 orders per mobile # in a month)
c.     Rs. 1000 coupon for each new idea which is accepted and implemented by us
d.    Rs. 1000 coupon for each new kirana referred and made live on our platform
e.     Rs. 500 coupon for each new ambassador referred. Those referred ambassador will not any fixed incentive but will receive variable incentives as per the above schedule. However, if the ambassador is from an area wherein we don’t have a designated ambassador, we will extend the fixed incentive to this ambassador also.
Requirements (for Brand Ambassadors) :
1.     Should be a women and member of Resident’s Welfare Association or equivalent
2.    Should have been lived in the society for more than 3 years
3.    Willing to spent time to completely understand Kirana11’s product offerings
4.    Willing to spend at least 5 hours each week on activities related to Kirana11. The activities will be related to:
a.     Promoting Kirana11 through word-of-mouth advertisement
b.    Partnering with other women for group shopping
c.     Participating in Kirana 11’s marketing activities in the area
d.    Providing feedback on the product based on inputs from other users
e.     Helping us acquire new user registrations
f.      Helping other customers place orders on our platform
g.     Providing us feedback on the performance of kirana stores
h.    Pushing our communications to society social media groups and email IDs.

Planet11 is backed by SK Planet, which is a part of the SK Group – one of the largest conglomerates in South Korea. Loved and trusted by customers in countries like Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore and Thailand, as a globally recognized company, we are committed to bring greater convenience and happiness to our customers across the world.

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