Yashodhara sirur

Yashodhara is a brand-new mommy, IT professional and cat lover who lives in Mumbai. When not changing cloth diapers, she’s trying her best to read, write and catch a few extra winks.

Voice of Yashodhara sirur

When Your Push For Sustainability Is ‘Embarrassing’ And People Think You’ve Gone Cuckoo…

Being sustainable in a world gorging on plastics and unnecessary buying can mark you out as 'that crazy woman', but it is all worth it. Don't you think so?

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millennial dad
Why I Celebrated My Husband Too, On Mother’s Day!

While the Millennial Dad is making his presence felt in more gender equal societies, we still need to catch up. However, meet the author's husband, who's as much of a hands-on parent!

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maternity wear in India
I’m Not Quite Kareena; Here’s The Strange Reason I Never Got Good Maternity Wear In India

I shopped around a lot for maternity wear, but found very few options. And finally, after a longish time, I realised what the real reason for this was.

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As A Millennial, This Is Why I Say That My Mom Is The ‘Woke’-est Person I Know!

My mother is a feminist, not just today when her daughter is, but has always been one. A 'woke' woman in the truest sense of the word, as I remember from so many memories of her.

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boycott Sabarimala
Women Should Boycott All Places Of Worship Instead Of Fighting To Get Into Sabarimala!

Religion has always treated women as second class citizens. Why, then should we fight to GET into a temple? Let us all women boycott temples and any places of worship!

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