Vijayashanthi Murthy

Literature student, worked as an Assistant Professor at Jain University, Bengaluru for three years and currently faculty at Samvada, Baduku Community College, Bengaluru.

Voice of Vijayashanthi Murthy

women of Bhutan
Telling The ‘Her-Stories’ Of Ordinary Women Of Bhutan Through A Feminist Lens

Women have always been photographed through a 'male lens', looking at them as sexualised 'objects' - here are ordinary women of Bhutan, going about their lives, seen through a feminist lens.

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Yashica Dutt Coming out as Dalit
My Response To Yashica’s Call To Come Out As Dalit And To Embrace My Dalitness

Coming Out As Dalit, as the title suggests, is a memoir of a young Dalit woman Yashica Dutt, who documents her experience of being systematically forced to hide her Dalit identity to get somewhere in the world.

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As An Urban Dalit Woman, Here’s How Solo Travel Has Empowered Me

Born in an urban Dalit family, my experiences of traveling alone to places have formed a world view about Dalit women, mobility and empowerment. Here's my story of travelling by myself.

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